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Sustainable Wine Labels Are On-Trend with Consumer Concerns

Wineries are looking for ways to stand out in a crowded marketplace, particularly among the younger generations. One of the top issues influencing consumer...

Navigating the Sustainability Landscape: Which Certifications Matter?

As the labyrinth of wine industry certifications continues to expand, consumers often find themselves without a compass. By Deborah Parker Wong   Nearly half of American adult...

Invest in People: A Satisfied Workforce Is Sustainable

By Barbara Barrielle I first heard the concept of “workplace” or “worker” sustainability when interviewing Paul Draper, winemaker at  Ridge Vineyards Monte Bello and Lytton...

Follow the Crowd: Lure New Consumers by Matching Gen Z’s Preferences...

It wasn’t so long ago that millennials were “killing” everything from dining rooms to the canned tuna industry. More recently, Silicon Valley Bank’s 2022...

PET Bottles—The Future of Wine Packaging

Between supply chain issues, sustainability initiatives, and an increase in the DtC market space, producers are investing in the light-weight alternative wine bottle. —Jeff Siegel The...

Vivelys Innovations Support Sustainable Viticulture and Winemaking

To reveal the best of each vintage and the perfect aromatic balance, Vivelys draws on unparalleled expertise in harvest planning and the interaction between wine, oak...

Winemakers, Distributors Experiment with Supply Chain & Carbon-Shrinking Shortcuts

Whether shipping wine across the globe in giant bladders, or biking a bottle down the street, there’s likely a way to make the trip...

Winegrowers Bring in Worms to Manage Waste

Top US wine estates have become expert worm-wranglers in order to advance sustainability efforts and combat ever-increasing drought conditions. —Kathleen Willcox Wine regions across the world...

Vineyard Tech & The Green Cyber Revolution

Wine Industry Advisor dives into the modern vineyard where satellites, AI, and robotics all work toward more sustainable viticulture. —Kathleen Willcox The wine industry has been...

Solar Toasted Oak Staves and Barrel Inserts – An Industry Breakthrough

In 2019, Boisé France launched their SAEVE environmental plan with a strong commitment to produce quality oak products with sustainable practices. By September 1,...

Sustainable Packaging Likely to Become Battleground for Premium Alcohol Producers, Says...

As ethical credentials become increasingly prominent markers of quality, sustainable packaging is likely to become a battleground for premium alcohol beverage brands, says GlobalData,...

Afternoon Brief, July 23

How Winemakers Analyze pH and Its Impact on Wine: When presenting wines, winemakers will often mention their pH as an indication of character, to point out whether a particular cuvée is energetic and fresh or more smooth and ripe. But what does the pH number mean, exactly, and how can it be used to better understand wine?

Sonoma County Winegrowers Share Early Outlook on 2019 Harvest Crop Expected

As It Nears 100% Sustainability, Local Wines Bearing New Logo Will Hit the Market SANTA ROSA, Calif.  (July 2, 2019) – As Sonoma County Winegrape...

Afternoon Brief, June 26

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Tennessee Residency Law; Opens Door for National Wine Retailer Shipping Challenges: Seven of the justices delivered a strong defense of the Constitution's Commerce Clause in the face of discriminatory state alcohol regulations...

Afternoon Brief, April 16

Duckhorn Wine CEO: Planning for Luxury Market After Boomers, Coping with New Napa County Regulations: Napa Valley-based Duckhorn Wine Company makes ultrapremium and luxury brands Decoy, Duckhorn, Goldeneye, Paraduxx, Migration, Canvasback from Washington state and Calera from the California Central Coast...
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