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Package Redesign Flipped Double Digit Decline to Growth

To say Cline Cellars Marketing Director Christine Lilienthal is thrilled about the new label design and packaging for the winery’s core Lodi Zinfandel would be an understatement. Her collaboration with Affinity Creative Group in repackaging this nationally distributed wine has meant a complete overhaul of the perception of this wine in the marketplace – and the sales numbers show it.

Expanded 2018 WIN Expo Conference Stacked with Wine Business Experts

The 7th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo), the second largest wine industry trade show in North America, has bolstered the conference portion of its program this year to address the increasing complexity of issues facing the wine industry.

A Qualitative Sort That Looks Deeper Than Grape Skins

Premium winemakers take great care to call harvest at the ripe time, when the most grapes are at the optimal maturity for the style...

6th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo a Success

WIN donates ten-thousand dollars to #CAWineStrong Healdsburg, CA, December 4, 2017 –The Wine Industry Network (WIN) today announced that the 6th Annual North Coast...

North Coast Wine Industry Expo

North Coast Wine Industry Expo ~ Trade Show & Conference The 6th Annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (@WINexpo) has quickly become an integral event...

In Wake of Wildfires, the Largest Yet North Coast Wine Industry...

Now in its sixth year of existence, the North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo) is expecting a record attendance for this year’s event,...

Trial Shows Amino Acid Based Nutrients to Increase Wine Aromatics

When thinking about the aromas of wine, most people focus on the fruity or floral sensations that arise from a glass; esters, specifically the acetate esters formed during the fermentation process, are responsible for the expression of those complex aromatics in wine. These esters are formed not only from the nitrogen sources, such as ammonium and amino acids, within the must, but also from the nitrogen found in nutrients used in winemaking.

WIN Expo 2017 Wine & Weed: A New Normal on the...

When the first Wine & Weed panel discussion was introduced last year at the 2016 WIN Expo, the room was packed. Now, with the private use law upon us and taking effect in just six weeks, a “next steps” session is planned as a hot topic for this year’s Expo.

Acquisitions Impact on North Coast Grape Growers Hard to Predict Due...

Impacts from Fires Still Unknown but Believed to Be Minimal. Glenn Proctor has been in the business of predicting market trends for the wine industry for thirty plus years, and he’s seen his share of ups and downs.

Advancements in Protein Stability & CMC vs. Traditional Cold Stabilization

Consumers don’t enjoy seeing haze or tartrate crystals floating around in their wines. Therefore, protein stability as well as the cold stabilization of wines happens in cellars all over the world. Winemakers and cellar crew dread the time consuming and energy-intensive process of stabilization by chilling, seeding, and racking the wine off the tartrate crystals or fining agents. Fortunately, breakthroughs in innovative technologies have led to the creation of products that stabilize the wine without going through this subtractive process.

North Coast Wine Industry Expo Supports #CAWineStrong

Wine Industry Network to donate $20 per ticket sold + $1 dollar per attendee of upcoming Expo Healdsburg, CA, October 23rd, 2017 –The Wine Industry...

The Synergistic Actions of Enzymes and Tannins in Winemaking

“Not all tannins are the same,” explains Dr. Peter Salamone. “There are fermentation tannins, cellaring tannins, and finishing tannins that all add something different to the wine’s flavor profile and structure. The same can be said for enzymes.” 

The Education Evolution of the North Coast Wine Industry Expo

Now in its sixth year of existence, this year’s WIN North Coast Expo is rising to meet the demands for increased educational components. Hearing back from decision-makers of wineries and vineyards, Wine Industry Network is rising to meet the challenge. Last year’s attendance exceeded all expectations, with popular sessions exploding out the doors of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds halls.

Pét Nat Wines: A Fresh Look at an Old Style for...

Contrary to popular belief, Dom Pérignon was not the first monk in France to discover the magic between wine fermentation and carbon dioxide to create the bubbles in a bottle that led to champagne.

Wine in Cans Shifting Consumer Perceptions, Especially Among Millennial Drinkers

The classic “wine snob” model, epitomized by images of cork sniffing connoisseurs spending lavish amounts of money on bottles culled from famous European cellars, may well be making way for consumers embracing a newer, fresher version of the beverage that’s driving a sharp, upward trend in the wine-buying marketplace: wine in cans.