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Integration with the Douglas Stratum Palletizer

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (June 14, 2016) – Douglas Machine recently integrated their Stratum robotic palletizer that picks and places 50lb. cases of powdered cheese. The Stratum...

Douglas’ VantraTM IM Cartoner Helps Summit Brewing Co. Expand Market Reach

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (April 29, 2016) – To meet the high demand for canned craft beer, Summit Brewing Co. chose Douglas Machine’s compact, economical and efficient...

Douglas and Dairy … a Successful Partnership

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (January 21 , 201 6) – The Douglas VectraTM Cartoner is the dairy industry’s solution for market versatility. Its sanitary design is ideal...

Douglas Offers Single-Cell Top Load Case Packer for Wine Market

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (December 29, 2015) – Douglas is expanding its case packing offering to the wine market with fully integrated top load case packing machines...

Douglas Keeps Production Moving with Automatic Film Splicer

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (November 24, 2015) – The new ergonomically designed Douglas automatic film splicer delivers precise print registration and heat splicing, reducing critical machine downtime. The...

Douglas’ Stratum Palletizers Advance You to Full Automation

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (November 19, 2015) – The employee owners of Douglas Machine Inc. are proud to launch the Stratum line of Robotic Palletizers. Systems...

Douglas Introduces SmartSelectTM Automatic Changeover

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (August 1 8, 2015) – The employee owners of Douglas Machine Inc. are proud to introduce SmartSelect, an automatic changeover feature for multi-lane...

Douglas Enhances Service with Robot Maintenance Program

ALEXANDRIA, MN. (March 1 6, 2015) – Douglas’ Robot Maintenance Program provides preventive maintenance, machine assessment and informal hands-on training by an experienced Douglas robot technician....

Douglas Announces Economical Case Packer and ShrinkWrapper Integration

Douglas’ intermittent motion Invex IM wraparound case/tray packer and VS-25 shrink-wrapper are now fully integrated, creating a compact and economic solution for customers seeking the flexibility of a full case pack or tray pack with shrink wrap for their mid-range applications, while still offering flexibility and innovation to meet customer expectations.
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