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Using Yeast to Combat Climate Change and Improve Flavor

Yeast is to winemaking what faith is to religion. Without that one essential element, the rest collapses. Today, tech innovations are letting vintners use...

Hot Grapes for a Hot (Cold, Hailing, Rainy) World

The climate is changing, and overall is trending warmer. That trend is “unequivocally” tied to human activity, and is “proceeding at a rate that is...

Hudson Valley Wine Project Aims to Help Whole US Wine Industry

We’ve all seen the headlines and read the stark reports: climate change, and the unexpected frosts, hailstorms, droughts, floods, and fires that come along...

PET Bottles—The Future of Wine Packaging

Between supply chain issues, sustainability initiatives, and an increase in the DtC market space, producers are investing in the light-weight alternative wine bottle. —Jeff Siegel The...

Old & Obscure Is New & Cool in Wine Country

As climate change charts new, unpredictable temperature and weather patterns, the pursuit of outstanding wine means turning to lesser-known grape varieties.  —Kathleen Willcox Old, rare grape...

Vineyard Tech & The Green Cyber Revolution

Wine Industry Advisor dives into the modern vineyard where satellites, AI, and robotics all work toward more sustainable viticulture. —Kathleen Willcox The wine industry has been...

Climate Has Changed—How Global Wine Regions Are Responding

Wine Industry Advisor reached out to scientists and vintners around the world to get a sense of how vulnerable wine regions are addressing the...

Nothing Wrong with Hot Climate Winegrowing

Some of the best wines of the Old and New World are produced in hot climate regions. —Randy Caparoso I once attended a Hospice du Rhône...

STARS® – A Solution for Modern Winemaking

As the temperatures in California and other winemaking regions continue to rise, the wine’s pH and the increase in the level of potassium become...

OENODIA Helps Winemakers Battle the Impact of Climate Change on Wine...

The proprietary Oenodia STARS® technology is well known for its groundbreaking use of electrodialysis to extract potassium, calcium and tartrates from wine before bottling. The controlled and...

Afternoon Brief, December 13

The Financial Penalty Wineries Now Pay for Climate Change: There is a hidden cost of climate change to wine producers and the Australian wine industry had a small taste of it in the lead up to Christmas, from rising insurance premiums to cancelled winery tours...

Wine Industry Well Equipped to Meet Climate Change Challenges

“Wine people are interested in surviving and succeeding and will work within the natural boundaries they are given,” says Jim Trezise, President of WineAmerica. He has his finger on the pulse of the wine industry and is intimately aware of the issues facing vintners ...

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change

Bolstering Grapevines to Handle the Effects of Climate Change: BluVite (pronounced bloo veetay) was developed in Italy by BluAgri about 10 years ago to help grape growers deal with the inevitability of climate change. Enartis USA began trialing it here in the US in 2018.

Afternoon Brief, November 1

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Says Senate Approves New Funding, Resources for Combating California Wildfires: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Thursday released the following statement after helping securing additional wildfire funding and resources in the package of funding bills passed by the Senate...

Afternoon Brief, October 29th

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Firefighters Battle Sonoma Blaze While Wineries Wonder and Worry According to state agency Cal Fire, the Kincade fire...
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