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Champagne Billecart-Salmon and Domaine Bretaudeau Join Forces to Craft Ever More Exceptional Wines


The family House Billecart-Salmon has just invested in the estate of Jérôme Bretaudeau,  a renowned winemaker in the western part of the Loire Region. 

October 23rd – Jérôme Bretaudeau and Maison Billecart-Salmon have known each other for a long time. Mathieu Roland-Billecart, CEO and 7th generation, met Jérôme for the first time  in 2018, the year he took on the leadership role of the bicentenary House. A beautiful  friendship quickly developed. They met regularly to taste wines and share a good meal,  but also in the context of their work for which they both share a deep passion. Since  then, Jérôme has quietly become the House’s advisor for its biodynamic viticultural  work. 

They share the same values of quality and respect for the terroir, with a touch of  impertinence that invigorates them to be bold and move forward. It was thus quite  naturally that this partnership blossomed and saw the light of day. Its aim is to support  Domaine Bretaudeau in the long-term development of its vineyard and production  facilities. 

Jérôme Bretaudeau, CEO of Domaine Bretaudeau: I am delighted to be embarking on  this new chapter for the estate with Maison Billecart-Salmon. It will be a great support in ensuring the long-term success of our business and that of our teams. Together, we shall reach new heights to craft ever more exceptional wines. 

Mathieu Roland-Billecart, CEO of Champagne Billecart-Salmon: The House is very  pleased to be able to join forces with the highly talented winemaker Jérôme  Bretaudeau. We are firmly convinced that the terroirs of Muscadet and the western part of the Loire Region have yet to achieve the full reputation they rightfully deserve, and we are determined to support him in his future projects. 

About Domaine Bretaudeau 

Jérôme Bretaudeau settled in Gétigné, near Nantes on the western side of the Loire  Region, in 2001, farming just 4 hectares. Certified biodynamic since 2016, he now  cultivates around 20 hectares of white and red wine from 8 grape varieties. An avant garde winegrower, he is one of the pioneers of the Muscadet revival, still exploring the  greatness of the terroir in order to produce exceptional wines. 

About Maison Billecart-Salmon  

Billecart-Salmon, founded over 200 years ago, is one of the last remaining family owned and family-run Champagne Houses. Today, it is led by the 7th generation, represented by Mathieu Roland-Billecart. Its cuvées are distributed in luxury hotels, the best restaurants and independent wine retailers in over a hundred countries around the world. Even if two centuries have passed since the creation of Billecart Salmon champagne, its motto remains unchanged: “Give priority to quality, strive for excellence”.



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