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MHW Ltd Sponsors Clink Exhibitor Happy Hour Program


July 21, 2023 – MHW Ltd is hosting the CLINK Festival Exhibitor Happy Hour on Saturday, September 16 in Chicago,  a day prior to the CLINK Festival. The festival, started by Chrishon Lampley and Joyce Dawkins, is in its 2nd year and showcases wine and spirit brands created by the female and BIPOC community.  “The Clink Festival is a representation of women collaborating to create an experience that highlights the success of all women – across the world,” says Lampley.

“MHW, Ltd has always been at the forefront of supporting women and people of color in the wine and spirits space at every level,” says CEO Ryan O’Hara. “We are proud to have an incredibly diverse employee base and client base for more than 25 years. Sponsoring this happy hour with our peers from Sovos ShipCompliant and Mariano’s Market will provide an educational sharing opportunity in a safe space created with the intention to foster independence and leadership through positive change.”

The happy hour speakers panel includes Cheryl Tittle, Director of Compliance at MHW, Michelle Street Beaudette, Senior Enterprise Account Manager at MHW and Liz Watson, Senior Enterprise Account Executive at ShipCompliant. Amanda Puck, Director of Strategic Brand Development at Mariano’s Market will close the session in a fireside chat with Lampley.

“I am truly honored that this festival has been recognized by an industry icon like MHW.  The open Q&A sessions will provide actionable, real life tips for my colleagues in the beverage business and enable them to meet strong, like-minded partners who can help grow their business,” says festival founder Lampley.  

About MHW, Ltd.

MHW is the leading beverage alcohol service partner in the United States, specializing in strategic, scalable back-office solutions including compliance management, licensing, operations, logistics, fulfillment, accounting, business insight reporting, and technology. Since 1995, MHW has served as the national importer and distributor to international brands of all sizes, helping more than 100,000 wine, spirits, and beer products successfully enter the U.S. MHW’s global wholesale capabilities give clients access to the retail trade in four key US markets, the European Union, and United Kingdom. Companies who partner with MHW have the competitive advantage to focus time and effort on building brand sales. With strategic and attentive teams who have decades of back-office beverage alcohol experience, MHW offers unparalleled expertise and service excellence.



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