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Insulated Reflective Cover for Bulk Containers & Harvest Bins


Reflects up to 95% of Radiant Heat to Help Keep Produce Cool

Frosty BinzFort Collins, CO, 5/2/2022 Frosty Binz, LLC launched its Insulated Reflective Cover for Bulk Containers and Harvest Bins today.  The lightweight reusable cover reflects the sun’s solar radiation while keeping the produce cool and moisture loss to a minimum.  The cover consists of an outer layer of metalized film that reflects up to 95% of radiant heat.  An inner layer of insulating bubbles resists conductive heat flow and helps to keep the fruit from being bruised. The last layer is composed of a sheet of clear polyethylene for added strength.  The cover is made with FDA approved packaging materials.  The Frosty Binz reusable covers are available in two sizes to fit most bulk pallet containers and agriculture harvest bins.  The covers can be purchased online at www.frostybinz.com and through authorized resellers.  The reusable covers start at $75.95 depending on size.

Timothy O’Brien, owner of Frosty Binz said “The insulated cover is ideal for transporting temperature sensitive agricultural produce and frozen foods to help meet cold chain requirements..”

  • Frosty Binz covers provide thermal protection for produce after harvest and during shipping.
  • The insulated covers are reusable, lightweight, puncture resistant and water repellent.
  • Helps keep freshly harvested produce cool in the field.
  • Covers are made with FDA approved packaging material.

About Frosty Binz:

Frosty Binz, LLC is located in Fort Collins, CO and specializes in reusable insulated reflective covers for harvest bins, bulk containers, harvest lugs and IBC Totes.

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