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Lynmar Estate Proprietor Lynn Fritz Honored for Innovations in International Logistics

Lynmar Estate Proprietor Lynn Fritz

(March 18; Sonoma County, CA) – Lynn Fritz, founder and proprietor of Lynmar Estate, one of Sonoma County’s leading wineries since 1980, has been recognized by two widely influential trade organizations for his visionary contributions to the field of international logistics: Logistics Hall of Fame and The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) Hall of Fame.

As a pioneer in the global logistics industry, Lynn served as Chairman and CEO of Fritz Companies until 2001. Beginning in 1971 and continuing through his 30-year tenure, he recognized that as the world became more economically integrated, companies would increasingly need technology to help manage all of their international logistics. Under his stewardship, Fritz Companies was transformed from a small domestic documentation company to a global organization of nearly 10,000 employees in 120 countries. Following the acquisition of the company by UPS in 2001, he went on to co-found Fritz Institute alongside his wife and Lynmar Estate co-proprietor Anisya Fritz, where they applied industry-leading logistical systems to international humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

“I looked at Fritz Companies in the same way as Lynmar Estate, as an “endeavor,” not a business, of people joining me to provide themselves and customers something they can both trust and believe in,” says Lynn Fritz. “Endeavors that develop such a trust and belief system—through human collaboration, and attention to detail—tend to develop into successful businesses.”

Having originally purchased Lynmar Estate’s Quail Hill Ranch in 1980, envisioning the Russian River property as a rural retreat from a busy life as CEO of Fritz Companies, Lynn soon had a much more defined ambition. Upon UPS’ acquisition, Lynn dedicated his attention to crafting a new business model to establish Lynmar Estate as a world-class winery, and in 2008, he and Anisya made Quail Hill Vineyard their permanent family home. Today, the couple draw on their backgrounds in logistics to implement goal-driven systems spanning every facet of winemaking-from vine to cellar to bottle to pouring out the glass for visitors. Their commitment is evident in Lynmar Estate’s innovative land management, sustainable farming practices, gravity-flow production facility, seasonal food and wine pairings prepared from on-site gardens, and inspiring value system which permeates every facet of operations.

“We believe that the way we grow our grapes and make our wines should reflect our values, and that how we run our business should be an extension of how we live our lives,” says Fritz. “It’s all connected. The whole must always be greater than the sum of its parts.”

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) will formally induct Lynn into its Hall of Fame on March 22, 2022 for his achievements as former Chairman and CEO of Fritz Companies. This recognition comes on the heels of Lynn’s recent induction into Logistics Hall of Fame in the fall of 2021, which paid tribute to his work with the Fritz Institute. For more information, visit TIACA at www.tiaca.org and Logistic Hall of Fame at www.logisticshalloffame.net.

For more information about Lynmar Estate, please visit www.lynmarestate.com


Located in the heart of Russian River Valley, Lynmar Estate is a preeminent producer of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines. Resident proprietors Lynn and Anisya Fritz are intimately woven into daily operations, sharing overarching values of sustainability, world-class winemaking, locally sourced food, and community. Always more than the sum of its parts, Lynmar Estate is comprised of four touchstone vineyard parcels in Russian River Valley, beginning with Quail Hill Vineyard established by the family in 1980.

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