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Avaline and WeStock Collaborate on Consumer Demand Focused White Paper


New York, NY., Mar 8, 2021 – WeStock and Avaline are pleased to announce the launch of their first collaborative white paper, Selling With Data

When Avaline launched, they faced a predicament many brands face: with no historical data, how do they find out where their customers are and where they want to buy Avaline? 

Most importantly, how do they leverage that data to open new retail accounts? Avaline knew they were going to be able to reach a national audience through a robust launch plan, anchored by co-founder Cameron Diaz, but at the moment of launch their retail distribution was just getting started. With several key account presentations for Spring 2021 resets ahead, they knew this was an opportunity to capture demand data and leverage that to open more doors. They could also retarget their early fans and convert them into shoppers when distribution became available. Enter: WeStock.

This white paper outlines how Avaline leveraged their online audience to put the brand in a position to succeed in retail and how WeStock can be used by brands of all sizes to engage shoppers and ensure a successful retail strategy. 

You can download the white paper here: https://www.westock.io/avaline

About WeStock: 

WeStock converts customers that love your product into authentic and actionable data that helps your brand get on shelf and stay there. Growing your brand in retail is hard and that’s why we’re here to help. WeStock transforms your brand awareness into retail success, by seeing exactly where your customers shop. We do this by providing you with tools that capture consumer demand for your brand as you build your online audience. We work with brands of all sizes, whether your goal is getting into new stores or growing same-store sales, we are here to work with you as your data provider.

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