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Biogill Appoints New VP to Lead Expansion in North America   


BioGill North America a 100% subsidiary of BioGill Environmental Limited, an Australian  company promoting patented nano-ceramic attached growth bioreactor technology for the  treatment of high-strength Food and Beverage wastewater, has named Sheldon Sapoznik as  Vice-President, to lead North American expansion efforts. 

Mr. Sapoznik has been working with BioGill for the past 16 months focusing on  establishment of a robust network of industry-leading Dealership Firms across the US and  Canada, to ensure new projects and customers receive localized support along with BioGill’s  core, corporate expertise. 

“The appointment of Sheldon Sapoznik as BioGill’s primary business lead in North America  completes a pivotal step in expanding our support and efforts in the North American market. Sheldon’s unique blend of experience with high strength F&B wastewater, along with his  important environmental regulation knowledge will undoubtedly bring our customers and  Dealers a broad spectrum of solutions for their regulatory compliance applications and  discharge fee reduction goals,” reports BioGill Group CEO, Paul Hatten. 

Mr Sapoznik adds, “I’ve spent my career committed to the environmental and sustainability  efforts of wastewater treatment from high strength facilities. This important position with  BioGill will allow me to make a positive impact for many craft businesses facing costly  surcharges or regulatory restrictions. I am very much looking forward to providing cost effective and reliable solutions for the small-scale Food & Beverage industry.”

About BioGill 

Biotechnology company, BioGill, brings together the power of science and nature to treat and improve  the quality of wastewater to meet discharge requirements and reduce trade waste costs. BioGill  manufactures patented above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver highly effective, low  cost and energy efficient wastewater treatment solutions.  

BioGill combines simple, yet smart technology and natural biological processes, to remove  contaminants from wastewater. BioGill’s wastewater treatment solutions are good for the environment  and good for the client’s bottom line.

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