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A Pathway to Success in the Three-Tier System for Small and...

Rosen said, “through data and boots on the ground we support the independent brand, because frankly the distributor doesn’t have the time nor inclination.”

A Closure for Wines Committed to Quality and Sustainability

To call DIAM a cork company is tells only part of the story. The technology they have developed relies on the efficiency of natural cork as a closure, but works to eliminate the inconsistencies in natural cork that can lead to flaws in wine.

Afternoon Brief, November 21

Judge Rules for Neighbors in Dispute Over Changes at Beringer in St. Helena: https://napavalleyregister.com/news/local/judge-rules-for-neighbors-in-dispute-over-changes-at-beringer/article_307828b2-5423-5725-9320-048a6edbba5e.html

A Combined Authentication and Marketing Solution for Wine and Spirits

The idea of Prosurix, a counterfeit detection software, came to long-time wine and spirits retailer Steve Glamuzina about four years ago when he heard about the counterfeiting of the famed Italian wine, Sassicaia, and rampant counterfeiting of other collectible and expensive wines.

Five Wine Businesses Recognized for Their Innovative Advances for the Wine...

Whether solving a problem or seizing an opportunity, these five wine industry suppliers used ingenuity and technology to develop innovative products and solutions for...

Afternoon Brief, September 25th

Oregon Moves to Protect Wine From False Labels: Oregon pinot noir is so popular that some winemakers elsewhere are making false links to the states viticultural areas for their own wines, and might be breaking the law, experts testified Monday at a hearing at the Capitol...

Nominations Open for 6th Annual WINnovation Awards

September 25, 2018, Healdsburg, CA – Nominations for the 6th Annual WINnovation Awards presented by the Wine Industry Network opened today. The program is...

New Company Rapidly Changing How 3-Tier Alcohol Distribution Happens

The vast majority of wineries in the US produce less than 5,000 cases, and they’ve been essentially blocked from three-tier distribution because distributor giants...

A Qualitative Sort That Looks Deeper Than Grape Skins

Premium winemakers take great care to call harvest at the ripe time, when the most grapes are at the optimal maturity for the style...

Biome Makers Wins the WINnovation Award as the Best Innovative Company...

The company based in San Francisco (CA) has received the award from the Wine Industry Network for WineSeq®, its DNA ultra-sequencing tool that improves precision...

WINnovation and Wine Industry Awards Reception

The fifth annual Wine Industry Awards and WINnovation Awards recognize outstanding individuals and suppliers for their innovation and leadership in the wine industry. WINnovation Awards were...

Innovative Thinking Yields a Third Way for White-Winemaking

Cilyo®, a new technique with several positive impacts including reducing the need of fining agents for must protection and the ability to add stabilized and improved press fractions to blends received one a WINnovation Award for its ingenuity and advancement in winemaking processes.

LibDib and the Evolution of the Three-Tier System

LibDib unveils new platform features and proudly accepts a Wine Industry Advisor innovation award San Jose, CA, November 28, 2017 --- Liberation DistributionTM (LibDibTM), the...

First Bio-Map of Wine Regions Enhance Understanding of Unique and Genuine...

There is some kismet in that the co-founders of the San Francisco biotech company, which has done groundbreaking work in identifying the microbiome fingerprint of vineyard soil are part of families that have deep roots in wine.

Visionaries in Wine Grape Irrigation Forecasting Earn WINnovation Award

Tule Technologies' FieldStat Water Stress Forecasts innovative approach uses collected data to forecast outcomes of theoretical water applications, and has brought precision watering to a higher plane.