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Social Media and Wine…Do They Blend?

Do you need to get your winery, brand, or business involved in Social Media just because everyone else is? The better questions to ask are:...

Tradition, please meet Technology…I think you’re going to get along famously!

I was sitting on a plane recently surrounded by people either banging away on their laptop or “thumbing” through their phone and it got...

Wine Clubs Make Life Better

Joining a wine club can enrich people’s lives. Though most wine club brochures and web information concentrate on the concrete things that people get...

Selling Wine…Meet Facebook!

For the last two years, like just about everyone I know, I’ve been friending, posting, and indulging in a lot of general voyeurism on...

Do I Really Need A Video?

No…you don’t really need a video, but one of the greatest characteristics of our industry (lucky for us) is the curiosity our customers have...

Are You Ready For A Successful Season?

The warmer weather is finally here and people are ready to get out of their houses and into your tasting rooms! It’s time to get...