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Sonoma County Winery Event Permit Meeting Leaves Vintners Frustrated with Process

Last Thursday’s virtual forum organized by Sonoma County’s Permit Sonoma to ostensibly open up conversation about event permitting for wineries in Sonoma County, had over 200 stakeholders taking time out to participate, but many vintners felt it was a charade.

Jordan Winery Announces 2019 Event Calendar

New vineyard tasting, formal dinner, and elevated brunch and lunch experiences unveiled HEALDSBURG, Calif. (January 22, 2019)—Jordan Vineyard & Winery, producer of elegant chardonnay and...

Event and Hospitality Constraints Strangling Direct to Consumer Sales Vital for...

Across the entire wine industry, there are significant challenges, stated Robert McMillan, executive vice president and founder of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Division at the recent forum of Santa Barbara’s wine industry.

Economic and Sustainable Winery Events Management with a View toward Changing...

First let’s make sure if you are planning on hosting an event at your site, it is in your economic best interest to do so.

Are Your Events Working for You?

As many of you know my marketing sales and customer service offerings include mystery shopping for individual companies and associations. Recently I finished a...

Is Your Brand Just in Your Bottle?

Imagine 1500 people coming to your winery after hours over the course of several weekends. Imagine most are there for the first time and only...

Afternoon Brief, October 27

Police Investigating U.S. Winemaker's Death: Police in Oregon are investigating the death of pioneering Washington-based winemaker Eric Dunham whose body was found in Cannon Beach last Thursday...