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Afternoon Brief, December 11

After 2020 What's Next for Wine? : It's been a year from hell, but next year might not bring much relief for wineries...

Afternoon Brief, December 10th

California Liquor Board Bypasses Due Process: A move by California's Alcoholic Beverage Control department ignores a basic legal principle, critics say...

Afternoon Brief, December 9th

Wine Intelligence's Global Wine Trend Predictions for 2020 - How Did They Do?: Yes, we missed one obvious one – but then so did everyone else. How did our predicted wine consumer trends for 2020 stand up in the face of an extraordinary 12 months?...

Afternoon Brief, December 4th

California Wineries Brace for Big Losses During Holiday Season After Looming Lockdown: Following news of a looming shutdown, winery owners and executives throughout the Bay Area said that while they understood the public health concerns, they were disappointed that they would likely have to close their tasting rooms at some point in December for at least three weeks...

Afternoon Brief, December 2nd

Napa Valley Grapegrowers 2020 Growing Season Perspective: Napa Valley sets the gold standard for farming. As an established agricultural preserve for over 50 years, the cherished, 30-mile stretch of land is cared for by dedicated grape growers who tend to their vines with careful consideration and innovation...

Afternoon Brief, November 25

Supreme Court Opens Another Case of Wine: It looks like the thorny subject of interstate shipping is heading back to the US Supreme Court...

Afternoon Brief, November 4

King of Wine Fraud Facing Freedom: He's back! Rudy Kurniawan gets out of prison this week, so lock up your wine cellars...

Afternoon Brief, October 22

Napa County Farm Bureau Releases Fire Prevention Policy and Legislative Recommendations: The Napa County Farm Bureau today released Fire Prevention Policy and Legislative Recommendations based of off extensive policy work that it has conducted over the last two years regarding wildland fires and fire risk mitigation...

Afternoon Brief, October 21

Sonoma Starts Selling the Turbulent 2020 Vintage: It's been a hell of a year, but Sonoma producers have reasons to be cheerful...

Afternoon Brief, October 15

Santa Barbara County Wine Legends for Sale: Longoria wines seeks to sell it all, while Ampelos Cellars offloading vineyard, not brand...

Afternoon Brief, October 12

How Winemakers Craft Clean Natural Wines: Why are some natural wines marked by volatile acidity, Brett, and mousiness, while others aren't? Alex Russan investigates...

Afternoon Brief, October 7

Wine Country Starts Picking Up the Pieces: Winery and vineyard owners have been through hell this year. How will they recover?...

Afternoon Brief, October 2

Smoke Exposure: ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ for Winegrape Buyers: Another year of catastrophic wildfires in California is once again raising concern about smoke exposure in winegrapes. President and CEO of Allied Grape Growers, Jeff Bitter said most vineyards are being harvested without analysis of smoke impact...

Wine Consumer Trends in the COVID-19 Era

Wine enjoying mini-boom in the Covid-19 era, but dark economic clouds on horizon  Wine drinkers across key consumption markets have been turning more often to...

Afternoon Brief, October 1

Grape and Bulk Market Activity Increases as Wineries Seek Ways to Supplement a Smaller, Smoke Plagued Vintage: The Lightning Complex, or LMU fire, came earlier this year than Sonoma and Napa had experienced in recent years, so many of the vineyards had hanging fruit. A few whites had been harvested and early ripening Pinot Noir but those harvests were in the minority...
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