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The Third Annual Wine and Weed Symposium Revealing a Growing Harmony

“With cannabis, there’s a lot of independent thinking going on; like in the wine industry, These are dream chasers, no matter how daunting the chase might be.”

2019 Wine & Weed Symposium Dates Announced

Wine Industry Network Opens Call for Topics and Speakers Healdsburg, CA, October 23rd, 2018 – The Wine Industry Network (WIN) today announced that the 2019...

Afternoon Brief, October 9

'Smoke Taint' Worries Rile Northern California Growers as Wine Grapes Rejected After Summer Wildfires: Major Lake County wine grape grower and vintner Clay Shannon plans to crush about 6,000 tons of grapes this year, enough to make about 360,000 standard 12-bottle cases of wine ...

Direct to Consumer Marketing & Small Producer Strategies for Success

One of our biggest learnings, and something we hear time and time again, is that winery owners and winemakers believe that if they make good wine, the rest will follow and they will achieve financial success.

Cannabis Beyond the Black Market, Blurring Medicinal and Recreational Use

Silver has been witness to some illuminating trends since the industry was allowed to open its doors wide. “One of the interesting phenomena, we’ve actually seen with the opening up of the recreational markets is an increase in the sales of our medical brand, Care by Design. It’s far outpaced the growth of some of our recreational brands, which are also growing substantially. I think what’s happening is that people who weren’t comfortable going into a dispensary under the system where you had to go see a physician. Now, you can just go in, and what we’re seeing is friends are bringing friends in saying, ‘Look, come with me and I’ll show you’.”

Afternoon Brief, August 10, 2018

Napa Keeps a Wary Eye on Monster Fire: Growers keep their fingers crossed as fire devastates vast tracts of northern California ...

North Coast Wine & Weed Symposium Is Second-Year Success

Cannabis and wine come together again to discuss impacts of emerging industry Healdsburg, CA, August 6th, 2018 – The Wine Industry Network (WIN) hosted the...

Afternoon Brief, August 2

US Distributors Eye the High Road The country's largest liquor wholesalers signal their support for national marijuana sales...

The Common Threads of Wine, Women, and Weed

Erin Gore has the unique perspective of being a very successful businesswoman in two key North Coast industries. She helps run the Gore Family Vineyards in Healdsburg and has a very successful cannabis business, Garden Society. Ned Fussell of Cannacraft said that Gore is a “pillar in the wine industry breaking down barriers and displaying true leadership.”

Leveraging Your Wine Brand for Cannabis Expansion

When cannabis became legalized for recreational use, many in the wine industry feared the worst. Would it take business away from wineries? But it turns out the two industries are beginning to learn how they can help each other grow instead.

Creating a Dialogue Where Wine and Weed Intersect

The big difference is that one of these substances has been legal in the U.S. for commercial purposes since 1933. The other is gaining legal status somewhat painfully, state by state, and does not yet enjoy federal protections under the law.

A Detailed Look at the Cannabis Consumer

The curious, the fearful, and the opportunists will all have an occasion to get a glimpse of who the cannabis consumer is and what opportunities or concerns there may be to glean for the wine industry.

Will Cannabis Present Cross-Over Opportunities for Wine Industry Professionals?

Liz Gehl, founder and chief recruiter of Gehl Search Partners, has been recruiting in the adult beverage industry for several years, and sees many opportunities starting to present themselves in the fledgling legalized cannabis industry. “Our primary focus is providing incredible talent within sales, marketing, commercial strategy and planning, finance, accounting, and administrative roles”, says Gehl. “The competition for talent exists far beyond the vineyard worker level.” Gehl works with people coming from the adult beverage industry bringing with them professional skill sets within compliance, branding, and marketing that are in high demand.

Registration Opens for 2nd Annual North Coast Wine & Weed Symposium

Conversation Between Wine and Cannabis Gains Momentum, Underscoring Collaborative Opportunities for Both Industries Healdsburg, CA, May 22, 2018 – The Wine Industry Network (WIN), producer...

Considering Wine & Weed Events… Not So Fast

Considering hosting a weed and wine event at your winery? In California, elegant weed and wine dinners are becoming a popular trend and you might think that winery owners would be in an ideal position to host such events. But could these decadent pairings of cannabis and fine wine be ending just as they are beginning to take off?  In an ironic twist, the same regulations that now allow for legal recreational cannabis also restrict this recreational pairing. For event planners, wineries and brands who threw these events or utilized these events for marketing purposes, this presents a huge challenge.