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Enoforum USA: Bringing International Research and Innovation Stateside

By Alexandra Russell In 2019, George Christie, president of Wine Industry Network, was approached about bringing Enoforum, Europe’s largest technical-specific wine conference, to the United...

Growing Forward: Session 1 Addresses Powdery Mildew and Soil Moisture Monitoring

On March 31, Wine Industry Network welcomed attendees to its first Growing Forward seminar of 2022. Unlike last year’s debut of the topic, this...

Flash Deténte and Cryo-Maceraction Save Tough Vintages

How high-tech, intervention winemaking can actually boost wine quality. —Kathleen Willcox Advocates of low-intervention winemaking posit a wine should be an expression of all the good...

Artificial Intelligence in the Vineyard

Adopting this new vineyard technology is critical to the California grape industry. —Tom Shapland, PhD, CEO and cofounder of Tule Technologies Anything humans can observe with...

Winegrowers Bring in Worms to Manage Waste

Top US wine estates have become expert worm-wranglers in order to advance sustainability efforts and combat ever-increasing drought conditions. —Kathleen Willcox Wine regions across the world...

QR Codes and NFC Chips—The Future of Wine Marketing

“They say the death of the QR code was announced prematurely,” speaker Ed Rice, executive director of Affinity Creative told those attending Wine Industry...

State of the Industry: Tech Adoption in Wineries

Ekos, a business management software for wineries, asked winemakers to give themselves a grade (A+ to F) on how well they utilize technology in...

WIN Webinar: State of the Industry: Tech Adoption in Wineries

Ekos, a business management software for wineries, asked winemakers to give themselves a grade (A+ to F) on how well they utilize technology in...

Leveraging Technology to Survive and Thrive (Webinar)

Winemaking is steeped in tradition, with knowledge passed through generations with oral instructions or handwritten notes. But as the world becomes faster moving and more complicated, you need to find ways to keep up.

Technology-Driven Vineyard Management Solutions – Process2Wine®

The ability to make decisions based on real data, using the latest technology, is important to the modern wine operation. This is why Allan...

Afternoon Brief, April 2

Science and the Future of Winemaking: Winemaking combines art and science, and producers have never had more technological tools available to understand and leverage the latter...

Smart Packaging, Tech Labels, and Emerging Technology in Marketing the Wine...

As the wine world, like all business sectors, struggles to adapt and adopt emerging technologies in communicating messages to existing and potential customers, Professor Damien Wilson says the base root of the issue may be that we are not communicating the message that the consumer wants to hear.

Afternoon Brief, March 6

How Wine Businesses Are Using Emerging Technologies: Technology plays a vital role in all aspects of our lives, but with the speed of new developments, the choice of what tech to use and how to use it can be dizzying. At the "Emerging Technologies in the Wines and Spirits Industry" panel held at Vinexpo in New York City on Monday, wine industry professionals discussed the latest platforms and services they're using to help optimize their businesses...

Afternoon Brief, March 11

Trending Story: Wine Trade ‘Losing Touch’ With Millennials The study, commissioned by the London Wine Fair, found that Millennials have an overall lack of engagement with...

Adapted Space Technology Promises Huge Benefits for Wineries and Breweries

Advanced bio-technology can significantly reduce the cost of water treatment for wineries and make them more sustainable by reducing their energy consumption. According to Matt...
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