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Pandemic Forces Change in Wineries’ Wholesale Strategy 

Dale Stratton is the owner of Five Points Consulting, LLC, a 35-plus year veteran on the wholesale side of the wine industry who previously worked for Constellation Brands, among others, offering insights into consumer and brand research and data...

Wine Industry Embracing Technology and Innovation to Drive Sales

There will be numerous changes that history will associate with 2020. For those involved in the wine industry, maybe the one that will best define the year is pivoting, adjusting on the fly to the additional ways to effectively do business...

Veteran Wine Marketers Lead Conversation on Wholesale Success

The fact that two marketers are moderating Wine Industry Network’s (WIN) 3-Tier Wine Symposium this year is not by chance. WIN launched the one-day conference in 2019 to help wine industry executives and owners view the challenges of selling via the wholesale channel through a new lens—one that opens their eyes to new opportunities.

ELA Consulting Group Changes Name to Okos, Brings on New Partner

AUBURN, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ELA Consulting Group LLC has changed its name to Okos Partners LLC and has brought on a new partner, Laura Webb....

3-Tier Wine Symposium: Actionable Insights to Distribution Success

The wholesale channel has always been challenging, particularly for small to medium-sized wineries, and over the last two decades, things have gotten even harder.  Many wineries have responded by focusing more energy and resources on direct-to-consumer programs, but for those that want to maintain their presence in the general market and/or grow their brand, working more effectively with their distributors is a must. Wine Industry Network (WIN) recently announced the launch of the 3-Tier Wine Symposium, a one-day conference focused on helping wine industry owners and executives navigate the complicated, but necessary, world of distributor relations.

Uncovering Blind Spots to Differentiate Your Brand

Winery owners—most business owners, for that matter—live and breathe their brands. They believe in them wholly and unconditionally. This passion and confidence are critical...

Making Market Visits More Effective

Getting out of your office and visiting your distributors in their markets is an essential element of running a successful business. Face-to-face meetings within your distribution network offer vital local data and the opportunity to build a rapport you may never get by only talking on the phone or using email and texts to communicate. It’s so important not to take the impact of these market visits lightly and use each one to leverage relationships and the vital information you receive.

Uncovering Your Distributor’s Critical Success Factors

The second in a series on improving your standing with your distributors In our last article (Winning Distributor Attention), we began a journey of discussing...

Winning Distributor Attention

There are over nine thousand wineries in the US selling countless brands. Pushing this ocean of product through the chaos of a quickly changing...