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Drinking Wine Outside the Box

By Kenneth Friedenreich Sometimes a good title acts as the scaffolding for ideas waiting on words and sequence to show up sooner or later. This...

Wine and Power, a Palimpsest for Armistice Day

Given the dismal quality of history education these days, and the even more dismal state of discourse on this subject beyond pop trivia, it is likely most people will commemorate the end of World War One by going to the mall for a "Veterans' Day Sale." After 100 years, silent film herky-jerky images belie the bloody reality of it. The century since has been no picnic either.

The Trouble with Wine Dinners – Straitjackets

This will probably tick someone off in the hospitality trade, whether eatery or winery. As few nuggets of avuncular counsel go but misconstrued, this advice considers the prix fixe special wine dinner at your favorite leave the children at home restaurant.

Wine Writer Takes a Snapshot of Oregon Wine Biz

Portland, OR, March 26, 2018-A Portland tune-meister penned the song Peel Me a Grape. It's a song of commanding sorcery -- at least as...