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Growing Success of Grüner in U.S. East Coast Wine Regions

Grüner Veltliner, Austria’s signature white grape, accounts for one third of the country’s vines. It thrives elsewhere around the world: the Czech Republic, Hungary—and...

As East Coast Wine Industry Grows, So Too Wine Education Programs

New community college programs provide practical training in skills required by local wine industry. —Robin Shreeves The East Coast wine industry is growing—and finding itself increasingly...

American-native Grape, Muscadine, Proves Profitable

That Duplin Winery in eastern North Carolina is included among the country’s top 50 producers, according to Wine Business Monthly’s February 2021 issue, wouldn’t surprise anyone who lives in the state. The wines are found on grocery store shelves everywhere, from Southport on the coast to Elkin in the mountains.

Afternoon Brief, July 25

Foley Family Wines of Santa Rosa President Hugh Reimers Abruptly Leaves Company: Hugh Reimers, a hard-charging Australian wine executive, abruptly left his position this week as president of Foley Family Wines of Santa Rosa less than two years after being hired to bolster the company's position in the marketplace...

Afternoon Brief, January 11

Napa County Hits The Prisoner Winery with Code Violation Notice: Napa County has told the new The Prisoner winery to stop selling art, stop selling jellies and jams and stop offering food services that the county says are comparable to those found at a restaurant or café...

The Transformation of East Coast Wine

Preface to a three-part report on the wines of the Eastern Seaboard being prepared by The International Wine Review The wines of the Atlantic Seaboard...

Afternoon Brief, October 29

The Winery That Cried Wolf on Cork: Amorim, the largest cork producer in the world has made major innovations in closures over the years. From updating cork-harvesting techniques and standards to producing higher quality corks for less money with less labor the Santa Maria de Lamas, Portugal-based cork giant has constantly attempted to innovate and change up the game on the wine closure industry...

Afternoon Brief, August 27

Expanded 2018 WIN Expo Conference Stacked with Wine Business Experts: The 7th annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo (WIN Expo), the second largest wine industry trade show in North America, has bolstered the conference portion of its program this year to address the increasing complexity of issues facing the wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, May 2

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: The Most Searched-For Cabernet Sauvignon It's a well-worn axiom that Cabernet is king in California, but the real...