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You’re Invited to the First Ever Label Harvest!

Ready-Made Label Designs Ripe for the Picking! While this year’s grape harvest is coming to an end, the first ever label harvest will soon begin! While...

Afternoon Brief, March 6

Ballot Measure to Protect Napa County’s Forests and Its Water Resources Filed for 2020 General Election: Napa Growers and Vintners for Responsible Agriculture has requested that the Napa Department of Elections prepare a title and summary for the Napa Valley Water Sustainability Initiative to be voted on the November 2020 ballot...

Afternoon Brief, August 29

Documents Bolster Winery Race Discrimination Case: Their winery is gone, their vineyard is gone, and a lot of their money is gone, but the Sterling brothers are persisting in their racial discriminatory lending lawsuit against the bank that seized their properties in Sonoma and Mendocino Counties...

Afternoon Brief, March 13

The Nexus Linking IBM, California Wine, and Climate Modeling This month, IBM announced the creation of a cloud-based geospatial information and analytics service. Its designed to help people analyze big data sets comprising information such as satellite images, climate models, and tweets, or more localized data like feeds from IoT sensors...

DTC and Retailers, “Pay the Fine” and Keep Shipping

Hello wine lovers, retailers, wineries and DTC advocates. I awoke this morning to find a disturbing article on winespectator.com about interstate commerce, wine shipping,...
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