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What Your Guests Want From You?

The title of this blog, “What Your Guests Want From You,” is somewhat disingenuous. All businesses have many different types of customers, though in...

Consumer Expectations and Decreasing Tasting Room Traffic Call for Innovative DTC...

It comes back to understanding who the customer is, what they want and building a relationship around that in order to maximize sales.

Making the Most of Dwindling Customer Engagement Opportunities

The biggest difference between tasting rooms and wine clubs that perform beyond expectation and those that don’t, is an organizational commitment to employee training, according to the 2017 VinQuest direct to consumer benchmark report.

Customer Service at Warp Speed

I have read that the average attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds now, which is less...

It’s Not Only What but When

Engagement with customers is not only about what you tell them, it is also about when. If you want customers’ visits to your winery...

Customer Service in the Airline Industry

The airlines have not been getting kudos lately as far as their customer service towards passengers goes. For a while it has been one...

Reviewing Your Customer Service

The beginning of the year is a good time to review your customer service and your customer retention. How did you do at holding...

Engaging with Customers Lead to a Better Experience

I have been doing research lately on how to genuinely charm and engage customers. For those of us who serve the public, being charming...

What Makes Customers Happy?

There was an interesting article in a Marketing Profs email a month or so ago about customer service and what customer service issues annoy...

Selling Is Easier in Person

I was sent an Interesting article from my favorite periodical, Harvard Business Review. The article, entitled, “A face to face request is 34 times more...

Customer Service: The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly

After watching a segment on the television about a couple of companies that offer customer service that is above and beyond the norm, earlier...

Dealing with Customers’ Problems

What do you do when someone has a problem with your company, whether it is a product that isn’t right or doesn’t work, how...

Encourage Wine Exploration

Today’s blog is a follow up on the blog I posted last week in which I printed an email I received from a consumer...

A Note From a Frustrated Wine Consumer

The other day I received an email from a wine consumer I know. This person is not in the wine business, neither is anyone...

Provide a Quality Experience

Next February I am moderating a panel at the USBevX in Washington DC. The panel is about providing a quality experience, so I started...