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Afternoon Brief, July 23

How Winemakers Analyze pH and Its Impact on Wine: When presenting wines, winemakers will often mention their pH as an indication of character, to point out whether a particular cuvée is energetic and fresh or more smooth and ripe. But what does the pH number mean, exactly, and how can it be used to better understand wine?

Afternoon Brief, September 4

California’s Edgiest, Riskiest Wine Region Is About to Get a New Name: The remote coastline of Sonoma never fails to impress. Chilly fog and wind roll in from the Pacific, covering ridges of towering redwoods and tiny patches of vineyards...

Afternoon Brief, March 23

Gallo Buys Stagecoach Vineyard and its 600 Acres of Napa Valley Hillside Vines E. & J. Gallo, the world's largest family-owned wine company, continues to see premium wine as the future...

Afternoon Brief, October 11

First Big Rains of Rain Season Heading Toward Napa: Napa County could soon get a wet wallop, but local grape growers and Safeway Open golf tournament officials expect to weather the blow...

Afternoon Brief, April 15

Wine Counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan Appeals Conviction: Lawyers for Rudy Kurniawan filed an appeal in New York on Monday challenging his 2013 conviction on charges of conspiracy to sell counterfeit wine...

Afternoon Brief, November 6

Charles Krug Winery Honors its Wine Industry Icon, Peter Mondavi: Charles Krug Winery and the Peter Mondavi Sr. family announced today the centennial birthday of winery patriarch Peter Mondavi, Sr. is on Saturday, November 8th, making him the oldest working winemaker in the Napa Valley...