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Adoption of Innovative Winemaking Method Continues Advancement of Catoctin Breeze Wines

Catoctin Breeze Vineyard is settled in the hills along Route 15 in western Maryland, a few miles north of Frederick and in the vicinity of Camp David.

A New Breed of Wine Amphoras – Measured Porosity, Oxygen Transfer...

Amphoras have been used to ferment and age wine for thousands of years. And for thousands of years they served the wine community well. But as winemaking techniques and wine quality have evolved since, say, 6000 BC or so, the technology that goes into making amphoras has failed to keep up.

Afternoon Brief, February 18

A team of researchers from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Spain's Forest Research Center have proposed that certain wine flavors can be imparted by a special yeast, potentially saving winemakers barrels of money in savings...

Vicard Generation 7 Launches Award Winning, ECO³ Barrel in U.S. Market

NAPA, JANUARY 17, 2015 - Vicard Generation 7 continues to lead the industry with the release of their award winning barrel; the ECO³, focused on...

Tonnellerie Ô Posts Step-by-Step Barrel Repair Videos From Master Cooper Quinn...

Tonnellerie Ô, the Benicia based cooperage, has posted to their YouTube channel four instructional videos on barrel repair and maintenance. The videos are offered free of charge to help wineries maximize their investment in oak barrels for wine fermentation and aging.

Gamajet Reveals its 30 Year Crush on the Wine Industry with...

Exton, PA, June 28, 2013 – Devoted to providing the wine industry with the best tank and barrel cleaning machines on the market, Gamajet...
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