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Tactics and Techniques Designed to Drive Demand for Your Brand

Tactics and Techniques Designed to Drive Demand for Your Brand: The Wine Industry Network (WIN) 3-Tier Wine Symposium last May was designed to help small to midsize wineries understand how to succeed in today’s evolving wholesale channel.

Why Wineries Need Specialized Digital Audits

Consumers have increasingly turned to digital channels to learn about new wines and wine tasting experiences, research wines as they stand in the grocery store aisle, and buy more wine, more frequently, online.  

Your Website Visitors Are Telling You Everything You Need to Know...

Making sense of the data you get from your website. Consumer website behavior provides much of the information you need to make better marketing investments....

Selling Wine Through Facebook Requires the Tenacity for Testing of a...

Remember that teacher in high school who relentlessly surprised the class with random, mid-week quizzes? The secret to success of selling wine through Facebook...