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Elizabeth has been a contributing writer for the Wine Industry Network’s Supplier Spotlight and Wine Industry Advisor since May, 2011. She has an extensive background in media and public relations and has worked in radio, television, for print publications and in higher education. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and a Master’s degree in Broadcast Communication Arts from San Francisco State University. In 2009 she began to pursue her life-long passion for wine and earned a Certificate in Wine Studies from Santa Rosa Junior College. She also became employed at Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, first as a Tasting Room Associate, then Trade Tour Host and is now a full-time Associate in the company’s Wine Family department. In addition to full-time work and independent writing, Elizabeth is studying for the Certified Specialist of Wine exam, which she hopes to take in spring, 2015.

Survey Shows Vineyard Planting Trends Down for California, Up for Washington...

A recently completed benchmarking survey indicates that replanting and new vineyard plantings are slightly down for California in 2014 and up by five percent or more for Washington State, with those trends expected to prevail for both wine regions well into the 2015 planting season and beyond.

Winemakers Share Best Practices and Equipment That Contribute to Efficiency in...

The first quarter is arguably one of the busiest periods in the annual cycle for winemakers and their cellar teams. But it is also an opportunity to put the newest cellar tools and training to the test.

Spinning Your Web to Capture Wine Buyers’ Attention

It isn’t a matter of whether the wine industry needs to focus resources on 21st century technologies in order to stay competitive. The question is where to begin?

Marketing a Brand in the Contemporary Marketplace Calls for Innovative Strategies

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Ever since Prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933, alcohol sales have been dominated by a 3-tier distribution system...

Optimizing Tasting Room Performance

“The single, best marketing decision that you can make is opening a tasting room.”

Technology Plays Pivotal Role in Direct to Consumer Communication Strategy

In a world of consumer choices that include wineries in every state and a dizzying array of online wine options, it’s never been more important to figure out what makes your customers tick and how to get them from sipping and swirling to purchase.

Ignorance of the Endangered Species Act Could be Costly for Vineyards...

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone When President Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into law on December 28, 1973, it must have been hard to...

Wineries See Challenges and Opportunities in Expanding Market for Beer, Cider,...

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone A recent article in the business section of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat has depicted the California wine industry wringing its...

Winemakers Use Art to Attract an Audience for Wine

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Art and wine have always had a natural affinity. Art openings are characterized by lavish wine receptions and hors ‘d oeuvres....

Wine, beer, & spirits groups find more, not less, benefit in...

Most who enjoy adult beverages don’t confine themselves to one particular type of drink. A craft beer or hard cider on a hot day, cocktails on Friday evening with friends and a fine wine with dinner at a good restaurant all have their place in contemporary lifestyles. That said, do the makers and distributors of these products find themselves competing with one another for the same market share or struggling to define themselves as the one consistent beverage of choice?

North Coast Wine Industry Expo Draws Thousands to Sonoma County Venue

Conference Sessions Highlight Challenges / Opportunities for 2014 By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Over 3,000 people flocked to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds on Thursday to attend the...

Proposed Federal Budget Raises Concerns About Excise Taxes on Wine

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone When talks resume in January on the president’s 2014 budget proposal, there are some in the industry who fear that an...

Government Shutdown Creates Huge Compliance Backlog for Wine Industry

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone  If the House and Senate are able to avert Thursday’s debt ceiling deadline and come to some type of an agreement,...

Wine Industry Still Grappling With TTB Regulations on Social Media

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone When the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) issued a circular last May that identified social media platforms as...
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