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Innovative Platform Redesign Optimizes DTC Sales Opportunities for Wine Industry


WineDirect logoWineDirect, the industry leader in terms of providing its global customer base with end-to-end sales solutions from ecommerce to fulfillment, has announced a redesigned platform to fully integrate winery sales into a complete package for ultimate DTC optimization.  

Since partnering with Big Commerce in 2021, WineDirect has coupled its comprehensive DTC management system with lightening fast analytics, an advanced infrastructure and state–of-the-art technology geared to help wineries maximize sales.

“When we started working with BigCommerce, our goal was to modernize our e-platform specifically for the wine industry,” explains Jim Secord, WineDirect’s VP for Product. “We built it from the ground up. We’re an all-new team today with the sole purpose of providing the best DTC platform imaginable.”

To achieve that, the All-New WineDirect platform integrates the three primary areas of DTC activity; E-commerce, POS (point of sale) and Wine Club management.

The dynamic, redesigned platform includes:

  • The ability to create unique storefronts with user-friendly templates that make it easy to implement website content, the use of coupons, gift cards, promotions and the options of both Apple Pay or Google Pay.
  • An Intuitive Point of Sale (POS) system that stores all customer information at the user’s fingertips, giving staff easy reference information to allow for personal relationship building and the opportunity to up sell. In addition, the system includes super fast checkout, multiple payment options and an offline mode that works under any circumstance to maximize sales.
  • The ability to seamlessly control all facets of wine club management, including multiple club tiers, subscriptions, and allocations with built in email tools to segment and market to club members. The software features robust reporting tools to track attrition rates, stay on top of sign ups & customer anniversaries as well as other options for increased member retention and club growth facilitation.

“We noticed that people are using sophisticated software and becoming increasingly savvy and demanding,” Secord points out. “We’re very focused on meeting that demand, managing those expectations and making it as seamless as possible with the ultimate goal of selling more wine.”

Secord is excited to invite all current and prospective clients to join WineDirect team members at Booth #202 during the upcoming WIN Expo conference and trade show, taking place on Thursday, November 30 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA. 

For more information on the All-New WineDirect, go to https://www.winedirect.com/.

Participants interested in registering at the WIN Expo conference and trade show can do so at: https://wineindustryexpo.com.

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North Coast Wine Industry Expo – WIN Expo – at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, CA on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Full list of exhibitors | Register to attend



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