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Wine Closure Innovation Provides New Oenological Tools for Winemakers


Diam Bouchage, the leading manufacturer of technical cork closures for still wines, sparkling wines, and spirits, introduced new permeability options for their popular Diam 10 and Diam 30 corks at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

“Our closure solution is a winemaking solution,” said Dominique Tourneix, CEO Diam Bouchage, speaking at the Symposium. These new cork options allow winemakers to bottle the same wines, on the same day, with different DIAM corks depending on the objectives of aging and maturity characteristics of the wine.

Dominique Tourneix

“Diam is a recipe with different ingredients,” explains Tourneix. “By playing with the recipe, and the proportion of the different ingredients, we can adjust the oxygen transfer through the cork structure. Sometimes you may wish to have a quicker wine evolution, and other times you may want to keep it for 30 years. Until recently, the Diam 10 and 30 range had a very tight closure, but we have developed a new recipe with a much more open permeability level.”

Diam already offers multiple oxygen ingress rates (OIR) and oxygen transfer rates (OTR) in their Diam 2, 3, and 5 cork ranges. The new permeability options give winemakers the flexibility to use a cork that guarantees a long lifespan while also aging faster for earlier consumption.

Diam is unique among cork suppliers for their work on recipes in micro-agglomerated cork. They continue to grow in high-end wines globally because of the demonstrated consistency of micro-agglomerated cork that guarantees there will be no variances between one Diam cork and another.

“We are the first in the cork industry to work on permeability,” says Tourneix. “We work with different winemaking institutes and universities to help winemakers understand what permeability level they need for their wine. We are committed to expanding the oenological tools available to winemakers, so they can choose the permeability they want. Permeability is the future, and in the next ten years, everybody will want to do it.”

G3 Enterprises, a leading packaging and logistics company for wine and spirits, is the sole distributor of Diam products in the United States. G3 has increased its capacity and production output at its Modesto and Napa facilities to support Diam’s continued growth. To learn more or request samples of the new permeability corks, contact G3 Enterprises www.g3enterprises.com/diam-corks.

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