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Revolutionary Wine Closure Company Continues to Drive “Sustainable Innovation”


Vinventions, the most comprehensive provider of closure solutions for the global wine marketplace, has always been ahead of the curve.

Since its inception in 1999, Vinventions has been the source of innovative bottle closures created to support the diverse needs of the wine community that maximize performance, design, and sustainability.

According to Vinventions Brand Manager Mike Clayton, the primary focus is about preserving the quality and consistency of the wine through the most sustainable means possible.

“For us, it’s about performance and sustainability,” Clayton confirms. “If you buy 12 bottles using one of our closures, which are always manufactured with ‘sustainability’ in mind, we can guarantee that the wine in all 12 of those bottles will taste consistent, the way the vintner intended.”

For their inner-seal closures, Vinventions uses a patented co-extrusion process that ensures consistency. This allows winemakers to maintain control over oxygen ingress post-bottling and ensures the consumer gets a wine they can depend on.

Vinventions is home to an ever-evolving portfolio of distinct products and services created to address the requirements of the complex, dynamic, worldwide wine community. With each innovation, they push to become more sustainable. The portfolio includes:

  • Normacorc “Green Line”: The first ever certified zero carbon footprint closure. These fully recyclable closures are derived from sustainable, renewable, sugarcane-based raw materials.
  • Normacorc “Blue Line”: A new category of recyclable closures in which 50 percent of the raw material comes from plastic recycling.
  • SÜBR: The world’s first polyurethane-free and taint-free micro-natural closure.
  • Vintop Screwcaps: High performance screw cap closures created primarily for premium wines with customized, multi-feature cap designs and liners.
  • Wine Quality Solutions: A cutting-edge line of oxygen management instruments and tools resulting from years of research into understanding how oxygen ingress through closures influences wine development across a variety of functions.

“Vinventions has really pioneered oxygen management through our Wine Quality Solutions tools,” explains Clayton. “It’s created an opportunity for winemakers to not only understand what’s happening with oxygen during bottling, but when combined with our closures, they can select how much oxygen they want to have going through their closures over time.”

“Our Normacorc Select series was developed specifically with that feature,” Clayton adds.

For more background on Vinventions products and services, and to place orders, go to: www.vinventions.com.

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