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Final Call to Enter 2022 Sommeliers Choice Awards


Sommeliers Choice Awards

SCA judging

If you believe your wine deserves to be appreciated, listed, and experienced by the world, the 2022 Sommeliers Choice Awards is the perfect opportunity. The last 10 days are left before submissions close. Enroll your wines today!

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Restaurateurs around the world are always on the lookout for newer wines to add to their exhaustive list to cater to on-premise demands. What if there was a way to know the best wines of the year, tested on rigorous standards to see if it is a fit for modern audiences? Well, all ways lead to the Sommeliers Choice Awards!

The Sommeliers Choice Awards provide renowned on-premise buyers and top sommeliers a valuable benchmark for understanding which wines would make a compelling addition to a wine list. These awards are given to those wines that meet very specific judging criteria, to identify wines that should become additions to restaurant wine lists. Wines are judged by Food Parability, Typicity, Value, Quality, and Package. The formula used to allot points at the Sommeliers Choice Award is:

F (Food Parability Score) + T (Typicity Score) + Q (Quality Score) + Value Score (V) + Package Score (P) = Sommeliers Choice Awards Final Score

Judging Process

The judging process consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1) Blind Tasting

Each wine entry will be blind tasted to assess the wine’s quality. The quality score will be marked out of 50. It will be a weighted average of the judges’ scores on the basis of quality, typicity, and food parability.

Phase 2) Price Score Review

The judges will give a value score out of 25 based on their assessment of how much the wine should be priced as when compared to the quality. It’s not necessary for a wine brand to be very cheap to receive a good price score. This score basically judges how much value your wine brand provides to the customers for the value charged.

Phase 3) Packaging Review

The judges will see the packaging and give a score out of 25 based on how appealing it would be for the average wine buyer based on their industry knowledge. The parameters they would be evaluating would include factors like appeal, clarity, uniqueness, and so on.

The Sommeliers Choice Awards judging panel includes Master Sommeliers, regional and national wine directors, and other leading sommeliers in the country.

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Why Enter Sommeliers Choice Awards

1. Sommeliers Choice Awards awards are now officially recognized on Wine-Searcher in the prolific list of medal-winning wines from around the world. View here.

Wine-Searcher is an encyclopedia of wine regions, grape varieties, and wine producers. It is a web search engine enabling users to locate the price and availability of a given wine, whiskey, spirit, or beer globally, and be directed to a business selling the alcoholic beverage. Winners of previous and upcoming editions of the Sommeliers Choice Award will now have the award, score, and medal listed on their Wine-Searcher listing.

2. Apart from medal stickers and digital certificates, winners will now get customized Shelf-Talkers and Tasting Notes.

This is a new feature that Sommeliers Choice Awards has launched, where all entrants will get the tasting notes and shelf talkers for their brands, written by the judges themselves, in a way that a Sommelier would talk to their customer.

3. Buyers and Sommeliers will see your package giving you great exposure.

The judging panel of the Sommeliers Choice Awards will consist entirely of top sommeliers, on-premise wine buyers, and wine directors at U.S. restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs. These high-profile buyers will take a look at your packaging.

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Key Dates:

Final Registration Deadline – April 20, 2022
Warehouse Closes – April 24, 2022
Judging Day – May 16, 2022
Winners Announced – May 31, 2022


Regular Pricing – $120 per wine

Quantity Discount:

4 to 9 entries – 10% discount
10 to 14 entries – 15% discount
15 or more entries – 20% discount

There’s still time to enter, Registrations Close On April 20, 2022.

If you are looking to sell more of your wines to on-premise establishments such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, and bars, then you need to enter the Sommeliers Choice Awards.

Time to submit your wines in the 2022 Sommeliers Choice Awards.

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