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Leading Distribution Company Primed to Assist Winemakers with Equipment and Analyses for 2020 Harvest and Beyond


Let’s face it; with fires raging in California, hurricane winds threatening the Atlantic seacoast and a worldwide pandemic shaking up operations everywhere, the 2020 harvest has more than its share of headaches for winemakers to contend with.

Fortunately, BSG Wine, a leading winemaking ingredients and product supply group headquartered in the Napa Valley since 2007, is ready and able to equip the winemaking community with what it needs for a highly successful season during this challenging year and beyond.


BSG is the sole U.S. distributor of the MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer, a powerful, user-friendly instrument ideal for laboratories performing up to 200 analyses per day.

Its streamlined design offers a touch screen interface, superb optics, on-board curve fitting software and built in printer to meet the requirements of most winery labs.

The MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer features include:

  • Step by step instruction provided by pre-installed test protocols
  • The capability of performing up to four absorbance readings per sample to accommodate sequential reactions
  • Fully automated calculation of results accounting for individual sample dilution

“Any winery could go from no lab or a rudimentary lab to full lab capability with the addition of the MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer,” notes James Kress, BSG’s Technical Sales Manager for Wine in the Northeastern U.S.

The MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer comes installed with the ability to operate all Megazyme wine kits automatically, covering a comprehensive range of analytes.

megaquant wave spectrophotometer tubes

Megazyme, the world leader in the development of biochemical assay kits, offers a full range of kits to measure volatile acidity, fructose, glucose and sucrose, primary amino nitrogen, ammonia, L-arginine and urea ammonia, as well as a host of other analytes.

“The MegaQuant™ Wave Spectrophotometer is a stand alone, bench top unit with specific, built-in instruction which will automatically calculate results using the Megazyme assay kits,” Kress points out. “This provides a huge cost savings for wineries, allowing them the flexibility and convenience to perform the analyses in house and to check the results whenever needed.”

Kress emphasizes that the MegaQuant™ is supported by an extensive, web-based knowledge program that provides specific information about each analytic methodology, complete with user-friendly training manuals and instructional videos.

For information and orders, go to: https://bsgwine.com/megazyme-assay-kits.

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