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ELA Consulting Group Changes Name to Okos, Brings on New Partner


AUBURN, Calif.Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ELA Consulting Group LLC has changed its name to Okos Partners LLC and has brought on a new partner, Laura Webb. Webb specializes in strategy, marketing and innovation.

Laura Webb, Senior Strategist, Partner, Okos Partners

When Webb, formerly of Webb Brand Consulting, and Okos Senior Partner, Peter Krammer, met in 2014, they quickly recognized a complementary overlap in their approaches to helping businesses drive growth with their strategic plans. Webb adds a depth of experience in branding and marketing to the Okos toolkit. She stepped up as Partner in 2018, joining existing partners Jean Labadie, Founding Partner, Peter Krammer, Senior Partner, and Mary Lee Shalvoy, Managing Partner.

“A manufacturing or service company doesn’t necessarily think about how they’re communicating to their buyers about what they offer that’s unique in the marketplace, and how their products and services can deliver,” Webb says.

Helping businesses do just that, and then create internal alignment before they ever go out to their end customer, is one of Webb’s strengths. She helps shape leadership teams’ thinking about growth opportunities from a market and consumer standpoint before they invest valuable time, energy, and money on new product and service areas.

Peter Krammer is enthusiastic about Laura’s addition to the team, noting that Laura’s skills fit perfectly with Okos’ goals of helping you put your strategy into action, “All that expertise is pointless,” Krammer says. “without a balanced approach to both strategy and implementation. Having Laura on board really helps us to deliver on that.”

During Laura’s decade at beverage company Brown-Forman, she led marketing for several branded portfolios and managed global innovation for the $3 billion business. For smaller companies, she has developed and executed numerous strategic plans, helping owners and their leadership teams identify and pursue the best opportunities for growth.

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