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Why Single-Serve Wine Is a Popular Option


By Krys Beal

Expert EditorialSingle-serve wine has become increasingly popular in the past year with convenience and portability being a growing trend. As a result, more companies are offering single-serve wine packaging options, which allow customers to take wine on the go at a picnic or BYOB functions.

Single-Serve Wine Packaging Benefits

There are many consumers who like single-serve wine packaging. They prefer this packaging because it makes it easier to keep track of exactly how much alcohol they’ve consumed, with portions divided into separate containers.

Individuals who drink occasionally but don’t want to drink frequently often find single-serve packaging to be a great option. A single serving can be consumed at any time, while the rest of the servings can remain fresh in storage until the next time the consumer imbibes, whether it’s the next evening or the next month.

Consider the fact that when you drink from an open bottle of wine that’s sat out for too long, it tends to taste off. This is because open wine begins to transition to red wine vinegar. Consumers can easily avoid this issue with single-serve options that eliminate the need for an entire bottle.

What to Consider for Single-Serve Liquid Packaging Systems

As the single-serve wine concept develops, companies have many different options regarding the design of their packaging. Businesses can design single-serve portions that look like anything from miniature bottles of wine to pods that double as glasses. There’s a nearly unlimited number of possibilities when selecting the design for single-serve wine packaging.

A select number of companies also use vials to showcase high-quality wine itself instead of relying on fancy packaging. Using vials and other types of liquid packaging that emphasizes simplicity, you can push samples to sell your product more effectively than you would with a simple written description of it. If you prefer to make your product stand out physically, there are plenty of designs to enhance your single-serve wine including spheres and other unique shapes, which many companies currently use.

Keep in mind that each design has its own considerations regarding packaging. Bottles and other containers will have varying opening mechanisms, including traditional screw-on caps or pop caps, each of which requires specific manufacturing methods. As single-serve wine continues to become more popular compared to conventional wine bottles, more innovations in packaging and presentation are likely to come along, with cost-effective sample sets and more.

Preparing for the Increasing Popularity of Single-Serve Options

Single-serve wine will likely continue to become more popular over time as consumers seek alternatives to larger portions of alcohol. If you want to take advantage of this trend, you should focus on designing and developing high-quality packaging that complements the quality of the wine, encouraging prospective customers to make a purchase.

You’ll also want to make sure that your manufacturing facilities use top-quality packaging machines that can meet the specific needs of your products. Using custom liquid packaging equipment in your manufacturing processes can help ensure you make the most of your single-serve wine production.

Krys BealExpert Editorial

by Krys Beal, E-PAK Machinery, Inc.’s

Krys Beal, part of E-PAK Machinery, Inc.’s inside sales and marketing department, has over 19 years of experience in the manufacturing equipment industry with expertise in filling, capping and bottling equipment.



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