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Spotlight: Winery Advisor


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Spotlight - Winery Advisor
Spotlight - Winery Advisor

Increasing Your Online Presence and Growing Sales

46 minutes a day! According to statistics, this is the average amount of time that a typical Facebook user spends on the site. Multiply that by 901 million users and you have an opportunity that no business should ignore. While Facebook is quickly becoming a staple in most marketing strategies, businesses are only just beginning to understand how best to leverage this opportunity.

Winery Advisor is an online marketing and social media consulting company. With over seventy-five years of combined marketing experience, the Winery Advisor team provides services that optimize social media presence and promote more online activity for wineries, winery suppliers and winery associations.

Recognizing the importance of Facebook, Winery Advisor starts with reviewing the current Facebook page, finding orphan pages and examining how well the transition to Timeline has been performed. Winery Advisor makes specific recommendations on how to improve and optimize Facebook as well as other social media outlets and online presence. It is typical that custom Facebook pages, a great business opportunity in the new Timeline format, do not exist or are not being fully utilized, including selling wine online.

“Our Facebook Facelift is the perfect opportunity for wine focused businesses to better engage with current and prospective customers,” says Barrie Cleveland, founder of Winery Advisor. “We enable clients to kick start their social media efforts and boost the value achieved from Facebook through increased Likes and for wineries, more traffic to the tasting room, online wine shop and events. We offer project-based and monthly service programs including training so that clients can take over their own social media marketing when they are ready.”

Cleveland points out that Facebook is not some evil time-waster or something that should be intimidating for business owners. Facebook can be an incredibly cost effective marketing tool that reinforces relationships and leverages existing Fans and customers to create new ones.”

“Winery Advisor has been instrumental in our direct-to-consumer marketing approach and increasing our tasting room and club sales.” – Mike Giubbini, Owner, Rotta Winery

Want to learn more about how to apply the benefits of Facebook to your business and increase your sales?

For a free review of your Facebook pages and recommendations, email [email protected] or call 805-543-1363.

Contact Information

1241 Johnson Ave. #230
San Luis Obispo CA, 93401
Phone: (805) 543-1363
Email: [email protected]



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