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Spotlight: Beverage Supply Group & ConeTech


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Supplier Spotlight - BSG & Conetech
Supplier Spotlight - BSG & Conetech

“Wine Flavor Management Through Science and Technology” is the topic of an intensive winemaker workshop series offered at four different locations throughout California this April.

The seminar is a joint effort between Beverage Supply Group, distributor of the Phyterra Yeast, a strain that eliminates specific wine defects, and ConeTech, provider of the Spinning Cone Column technology, a system that uses vacuum distillation to extract and manage alcohol levels in wine.

Doug Manning, Sales Manager of Beverage Supply Group, is excited about the cutting-edge research and development both companies will be sharing with winemakers throughout the series – and about the revolutionary advances Phyterra Yeast brings to the winemaking process.

“After two years of trials, 230 wineries and 600 fermentations, we now have a statistically valid sample with which to evaluate this exciting yeast, “ Manning says of his product. “Phyterra Yeast, when used as a dominant strain absolutely eliminates hydrogen sulfite during fermentation.”

Stephanie Goss, ConeTech’s Sales and Marketing Manager, is similarly eager to share the benefits of the Spinning Cone Column technology with winemakers seeking to lower alcohol levels in their wines for either flavor or tax purposes.

“It’s a purely subtractive process that allows for the removal of unwanted characteristics such as alcohol,” Goss explains. “The fruit can be harvested at full phenolic ripeness without worrying about all those sugars turning into alcohol. There’s no loss of flavor or of the components you want – just less of what you don’t want.”

Goss says one of the benefits of the Spinning Cone Column is that it allows winemakers to come in and taste their wines at different alcohol levels until they find their “sweet spot” – the place where the alcohol and flavor are perfectly balanced.

Goss is also excited to announce the opening of a new ConeTech facility on the Central Coast early this summer.

The “Focus on Flavor” seminars will be held from 8 am to 12 pm on:

  • Wednesday April 11, 2012: Courtside Cellars, San Miguel, CA
  • Wednesday April 18, 2012: Napa Valley College, Trefethen Building, Napa, CA
  • Thursday April 19, 2012: Dry Creek Inn, Healdsburg, CA
  • Friday April 20, 2012: Hampton Inn & Suites, Lodi, CA

Contact Information

For more information and registration contact:

Doug Manning
Beverage Supply Group, Sales Manager
(707) 252-2550, [email protected]

Stephanie Goss
ConeTech, Sales and Marketing Manager
(707) 577-7500, [email protected]

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