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Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2023: Elizabeth “E” Slater – Wine Marketing...

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone A plethora of adjectives have been used to describe Elizabeth “E” Slater, owner of In-Short Direct Marketing, a premier, coast-to-coast, wine...

WIN Webinar: How Online Discovery Is Transforming the Wine Industry in...

Benjamin Franklin once said, "The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full...

Consumer Behavior Data Now Accessible for Efficient Wine Marketing

“The wine industry has been obfuscated by their data sources given the traditional three tier distribution system,” says Mabray. “Consumer behavior and the foundation of how consumers buy is not apparent to wineries, so we (Emetry) come in as kind of data miners, gather wells of data, clean them up, and put them in a data lake.”

Making Big Data Work for Wine

“Data doesn’t always tell the truth,” said Paul Mabray, CEO of Emetry in his opening remarks of the Wine Industry Data Summit, setting the tone for an inspirational series of talks about the challenges and opportunities the wine industry faces for using data to better understand and engage wine consumers in an effective and purposeful way.

Raising a Wine Brand into the Highest Tiers of Luxury

Eric Guerra is a man who understands that luxury brands must be marketed as such and has built his career in the wine industry by being one of the best at doing just that. When done right, the brand value becomes a constant, a given. There is little discussion of price; the wine is simply worth price you pay to buy it.

A Gap on the Label – Building an AVA Reputation

Establishing an American Viticultural Area, or AVA, is a slog. The effort it takes to gain recognition for a bit of the earth that allows grapes to grow with a distinction that should warrant a “stamp” that screams quality, uniqueness and, yes, a higher price tag takes time, money, paperwork and then more time.

Customized Winery Marketing: Astra Digital Marketing Services

Just a two-year-old in the wine industry, Astra Digital Marketing Services is redefining direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing and pushing wineries of all sizes to think...

Considering Value and Strategy When Entering Wine Competitions

For small and large wineries alike, entering wines in a competition is a tried and true marketing tool. Get a medal, push out an email to your direct-to-consumer base telling them about the award, and give the info to your sales reps, and let them sell the product with its new, improved standing.

PR Flacks: Turn On/Tune In to the New World of Radio

by Alan Goldfarb I’ve had an intimate relationship with radio since I was a kid listening in Brooklyn to the the din of Vin Scully’s...

Marketing – It’s So Simple

I was reading a book the other day, the autobiography of a man, Jack Petchey, with whom my Dad was in the Fleet Air...

Winemakers Use Art to Attract an Audience for Wine

By Elizabeth Hans McCrone Art and wine have always had a natural affinity. Art openings are characterized by lavish wine receptions and hors ‘d oeuvres....

Down to Earth Day at Coppola

Authenticity has become a major buzz word in the wine business. Wine marketing consultants will tell you that consumers, and not just millennials, want...

“Tasting in the Dark” Sheds New Light on Unique Marketing Strategies

by Elizabeth Hans McCrone ‘Blind tasting’ is more of a figurative than literal term. It usually refers to hiding the identity of wines during sensory...

Tom Wark: The First Wine Muckraker

“My first encounter with wine,” laughs wine blogger and public relations expert Tom Wark, “was when I climbed up in my parents’ pantry, attempted...

5 Things Every Video Marketer Should Know…Before Production Begins!

We recently celebrated the completion of our 175th wine industry related promotional video and had several people ask us what the "secret" is to...
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