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Interview with John Hinman: Pending ABC Emergency Order Puts Alcohol License...

“They will be able to shut down a licensee after a hearing on a five days notice,” says John Hinman, founding partner of Hinman...

John Hinman on the Consequences of Supreme Court Ruling on Nationwide...

Has the time come for small and medium wineries to move beyond the 3-tier distribution system? Should they build direct-to-retailer (DTR) networks across states just as they have developed direct-to-consumer businesses? That’s what attorney John Hinman of Hinman & Carmichael, LLP., an expert in beverage law, believes the recent Supreme Court ruling portends.

Upcoming Seminar Highlights Legal Challenges Facing Wine Industry in 2020

“If all of the brokers and analysts are correct, we’re heading into another tough cycle for our wine industry,” predicts George Christie, President and CEO of the Healdsburg, CA based Wine Industry Network (WIN). “Tough times affect everyone. But the ones that remain the most unscathed are those trying to stay ahead of the issues and become as educated as possible.”

National Association of Wine Retailers’ Comment on Historic Tennessee Wine v....

(Washington, DC)—The National Association of Wine Retailers Executive Director Tom Wark released the following statement today concerning the Supreme Court’s decision in Tennessee Wine...

Wineries Struggle with ADA Website Compliance in Wake of New York...

Lack of Clarification from Federal Government Creates Confusion. 26 wineries from Long Island and the Hudson Valley were named in a class action lawsuit.

Napa Valley Vintners Encourage Other Groups to Join Their Fight to...

At the Napa Valley Vintners, Associate Director of Labor Relations Michelle Novi is already thinking about next steps after achieving a measurable victory over antiquated “Tied House” rules in today’s environment of social media marketing and communication.

Your Wine Brand Could Be Lost in One Single Trademark Infringement

The landscape of the alcoholic beverage industry in the new millennium looks dramatically different than the drinks business of the 20th century. There has been a staggering increase in the number of new private label wine brands for retailers and restaurants, while foreign producers have moved into the U.S. market with new brands at a rate never before seen.

Small but Mighty: BC Wineries Fight for Canadian Wine for All

Supreme Court of Canada hears from interveners during rare two-day hearing  Five small BC wineries, intervening on behalf of a coalition of more than 100...

Canada’s Supreme Court to Hear From Small BC Wineries

Supreme Court Grants Intervenor Status at Comeau Case Five small BC wineries have been granted permission to intervene by the Supreme Court of Canada in the...

Davis Family Vineyards Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Wine Country Newcomer, Former Tech Startup Man Clear Cuts Way In Healdsburg, CA – Today, the award-winning and family operated, Healdsburg-based Davis Family Vineyards filed...

State and Federal Legislative Priorities Key Topics at WIN Expo

With the election dust settling, wine industry officials are working to refocus their efforts on a host of regulations, laws and policies certain to affect the wine business at both state and federal levels for years to come.

National Organization Is Influential Ally for Wine Industry in Washington, D.C.

“We’re always talking about having a good climate to grow grapes, but we neglect to understand that we also need a good business climate to have a healthy industry,” Trezise affirms.

Copa Di Vino Responds to the Lawsuit Filed by Coppola

Copa Di Vino; Statement in response to the lawsuit filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California by GMYL,...

Another War in Stags Leap

by Monty Preiser Almost as if they had seen our recent story explaining the differences, and touching upon the history, of the Stags Leap AVA, Stag’s...

New .wine and .vin Domains About to Launch

In case you haven’t heard – the .wine and .vin generic top-level domains (gTLDs) will be available soon.  Beginning in late January 2016, anyone...