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Evaluating the Wine Industry’s Economic Engine in 2022 and Beyond

At WIN’s Leadership Conference, experts analyze the financial state of the wine industry —Alexandra Russel On February 9, 2022, Wine Industry Network welcomed attendees to its...

Afternoon Brief, February 18

What's in a Name? AVA Overload: In a market jammed with producers desperate to stay (or become) relevant, winemakers are turning to the government in a desperate bid for desirability. Winemakers in the US and elsewhere are lining up to get the region in which they grow their grapes officially recognized...

Afternoon Brief, May 5

Truett-Hurst selects new partner for wine distribution in Canada: Truett-Hurst, a US-based company that focuses on sales, marketing and production of wines, has entered into a distribution partnership with Canadian wine agency Trialto Wine Group...
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