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Latest Research on Smoke Taint Revealed

—Barbara Barrielle Tom Collins, head of the smoke research efforts at Washington State University, spoke to the industry on January 20 about his latest progress...

Washington State University Assistant Professor Confirmed as ASEV President for 2021-2022

DAVIS, Calif., July 14, 2021…Dr. Tom Collins, assistant professor at the Wine Science Center at Washington State University (WSU), Tri-Cities, has been confirmed as...

Afternoon Brief, November 12

Missing: 6 Million Female Premium Wine Drinkers: Women are significantly under-represented among US wine drinkers who spend $15 or more on a bottle. Could they be the next growth opportunity?

Afternoon Brief, November 1

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Says Senate Approves New Funding, Resources for Combating California Wildfires: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Thursday released the following statement after helping securing additional wildfire funding and resources in the package of funding bills passed by the Senate...

Afternoon Brief, September 18

Would New Fee Empower Wine Country Marketing Efforts? : Should Santa Barbara County wineries impose a two percent fee on each bottle sold to help pay for regional marketing efforts? The staff and board members of the Santa Barbara Vintners certainly believe so...

Afternoon Brief, September 17

Accountants Calling the Shots at Wineries: A cooper claims that reduced use of new oak in winemaking is a result of pressure from bean-counters...

Afternoon Brief, August 9

North Coast Wine Industry Finds Potential Cannabis Business Ventures Appealing: Last year when Francis Ford Coppola unveiled a cannabis product line to go with his wine and hospitality empire, the famed film director was stepping into the unknown. The traditionally hidebound North Coast premium wine sector had held the emerging cannabis industry at arm's length, especially in Napa County, because of the stigma of stoners as well as state and federal regulatory concerns...

Afternoon Brief, August 7

Winery Lawsuit Ramps Up the Drama: The Bryant lawsuit bursts into life as both sides - and the wine media - trade blows...

Afternoon Brief, July 22

New Sources of Revenue for Winery Associations Up for Debate: As historic funding sources dry up and impact marketing budgets, vintner associations look to new ideas to increase revenue. Business Improvement Districts (BID) for the wine industry may be the answer, but change always comes with growing pains...

Afternoon Brief, July 12

How to Stop Losing Half Your New Winery Club Members in First 15 Months: Churn may make great ice cream and butter, but churn in winery club membership can sour a significant source of sales for many North Coast wineries. Yet, modern tools for digesting the increasing flow of sales and consumer data can yield greater long-term revenue, according to marketing experts...

Afternoon Brief, April 19

Wine Executives Debate the Promise and Peril of Millennial Wine Consumers: Top wine executives on Thursday offered differing views on the promise and peril of marketing wine to millennials, who are poised to overtake baby boomers this year as the largest generation in the United States...

Afternoon Brief, December 26

Beer, Spirits, & Wine - Packaged Imports Grow +8.3% by Value Over Last Twelve Months Through October 2018, Packaged Exports Decline -10.3%: Total beverage alcohol imports (including bulk and packaged) grew +7.7% by value over the last twelve months and grew +5.6% by value over the last three months...

Afternoon Brief, August 31

Is Sonoma Reaching 'Peak Wine'? : Wine industry growth has been a rocket for 20 years, its trend line drawn like a mountain incline on U.S. industry graphs. Since 1993, when 370 million gallons of wine were consumed in America, consumption has...

Afternoon Brief, August 15

Searching for the Truth About Smoke Taint: With wildfires still blazing, Tom Jarvis tells you all you need to know about the effect on grapes...

Afternoon Brief, May 22

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping: Zinfandel and Rosé on the Rise, While Red Blends Underperform Their Peers In January, we...