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Wine’s Most Inspiring People: Tony Wolf—Viticulturist, Educator

Lucie Morton says she remembers when Tony Wolf first appeared on her radar. He was a recent Cornell graduate, and she was a member...

Afternoon Brief, September 10

Smoky Summers May Taint Washington Wine, but This WSU Researcher Is Shedding Light on the Problem: Tom Collins opens the flap to the black canvas tent and the smoke starts seeping out. He steps inside and pulls a mask over his mouth and nose. Two rows of grapevines stretch beyond him...

Afternoon Brief, November 28

Free Flow Wines Sparkles with Innovation on Tap and Beyond the Keg: Free Flow Wines saw the rising popularity of sparkling wines and the category's particular challenges for delivering an optimal by the glass experience as an opportunity to expand the portfolio of services they offer, and their innovative work to create a sparkling keg program for wineries was recognized with a 2016 WINnovation Award...