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Afternoon Brief, May 7th

New Oklahoma Law Says Businesses No Longer Need to Check ID’s Before Serving Alcohol: Under the law, sellers can still be held responsible for selling or serving alcoholic beverages to a person under 21...

SMS Secrets Webinar: Successful Strategies Backed by Wine Industry Data

Join Jennie Gilbert, RedChirp Cofounder, and Molly Spurgin, vinSUITE Marketing Coordinator, as we unveil the secrets to leveraging text-based communication to drive sales. Learn...

Afternoon Brief, April 18th

E-Tongue Can Detect White Wine Spoilage Before Humans Can: While the electronic tongue bears little physical resemblance to its namesake, the strand-like sensory probes of the “e-tongue” still outperformed human senses when detecting contaminated wine in a recent study...

Afternoon Brief, April 10th

Scientists Launch Wine Bottle Washing Project in Finger Lakes, New York: Glass scientists in New York State are studying ways to wash and reuse wine bottles in order to mitigate rising costs for Finger Lakes producers...

Afternoon Brief, March 25th

The 3rd Annual V Foundation for Cancer Research Sonoma Epicurean Weekend Raises over $3.4 Million: The 3rd annual V Foundation for Cancer Research Sonoma Epicurean weekend, held March 21-24 in Sonoma County’s renowned wine country, raised over $3.4 million...

Afternoon Brief, June 16th

Global Alcoholic Drinks Market to Reach Us$2,001 Billion by 2031: The global alcoholic drinks market size is projected to reach US$2,001 billion by 2031, according to a new research report...

Afternoon Brief, June 9th

After the Fires: Four Iconic Napa Wineries Share Their Recovery Stories: Fire happens quickly, but the recovery can take years. Decanter checks in on four iconic producers in Napa who are rebuilding with an eye towards the future...

VinSUITE Virtual Wine Club Symposium

vinSUITE, a leading provider of winery DTC software, is excited to announce its inaugural Virtual Wine Club Symposium, a groundbreaking event designed to empower...

Afternoon Brief, May 23rd

North Bay Farmers Still Concerned About Drought Effects and Heavy Rains: The heavy rain pattern of early 2023 delayed the planting season in some areas and has contributed to rising food prices, while increasing costs for farmers still recovering from high feed prices incurred during the drought...

vinSUITE Announces Virtual Wine Club Symposium

A Premier Event Empowering Wineries with Innovative Strategies Napa, CA, May 23rd - vinSUITE, a leading provider of winery DTC software, is excited to announce...

Afternoon Brief, April 11th

Wine Promotion Rules a Minefield: Wineries are still struggling to work out what's legal and what isn't when it comes to wine promotions...

Afternoon Brief, March 20th

Rob McMillan on Wine: Living in Two Worlds: After decades in banking, I thought I'd seen everything. But last week, with a jolt to my system, I was unfortunately proven wrong. This would turn out to be one of the worst weeks in my life. I kept thinking I must be dreaming this!...

Afternoon Brief, March 17th

SVB Financial Files for Ch. 11 Bankruptcy Protection, Says It Has $2.2 Billion in Liquidity: One week after trading was halted for SVB Financial and regulators took control of the holding company for Silicon Valley Bank and other subsidiaries, SVB Financial has taken the next inevitable step: Today it announced that it has formally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York...

AI for Wineries: Practical Tools for Content Creation

Are you looking to step up your winery's content game? Join us for a webinar on AI for wineries, where we'll share practical tools...

Afternoon Brief, December 9th

Napa Vineyard Sales Are Usually Secret. So Why Was This $34 Million Deal So Public?: When a prestigious Napa Valley vineyard is up for sale, it almost never gets listed publicly...