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Crop Protection Device Saves 95-100% of Grape Damage in Vineyards

Every year in California alone, vintners and farmers lose millions of dollars to birds feeding on their grapes, seeds, and crops. Veraison is a...

Repel Pest Birds from Your Vineyards with Amazing Frightkite™

Have you ever watched a peregrine falcon hunt? It flies high over the vineyard watching for its prey — small birds. When it sights...

Large Scale Vineyards Now Reaping Huge Benefits from Innovative Bird Deterrence...

For more than 42 years, vineyard managers and growers have benefitted from revolutionary bird deterrence practices developed by Falcon Crop Protection that have either...

Clean Wood: The Multi-Faceted Processes for Keeping Disease-Free Vineyards

These processes are changing, with farmers pushing for better and multi-pronged approaches to keeping their vineyards clean. They are not excited about the idea of replacing their vines every 15 years instead of every 30, or hoping that in receiving a new order, they get 96% of the vines clean, yet not expecting that all will be.

A Study in Vineyard Bird Aversion: Paradise Ridge Winery

One of a vineyard manager’s worst early morning sights is walking among their vineyard and finding fruit damaged by birds. To combat this force...

Safe, Easy, and Cost-effective Way to Repel Birds from Your Vineyards

Sitting with friends in Healdsburg in 2015, Roger Snow had an epiphany. Birds were all over the area, when suddenly two red-tailed hawks flew...