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TerraviewOS – Traceability for Data Driven Viticulture

Managing a vineyard is no easy feat! Constant pressure on lowering operating cost, personnel and pesticide regulations, water use documentation and countless other factors...

Freemium software lets you test-drive Process2Wine’s Intuitive Solution

Wineries and viticulturists have integrated software into their day-to-day operations to save time and streamline workflow. Choosing the best solution from among the many...

Clean Wood: The Multi-Faceted Processes for Keeping Disease-Free Vineyards

These processes are changing, with farmers pushing for better and multi-pronged approaches to keeping their vineyards clean. They are not excited about the idea of replacing their vines every 15 years instead of every 30, or hoping that in receiving a new order, they get 96% of the vines clean, yet not expecting that all will be.

Proper Use of Aerial Diagnostic Maps to Improve Vineyard Performance

You’ve probably heard of NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) or EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) maps, which are helpful in understanding the relative health of grapevines. Typically generated from multispectral imagery gathered by satellites, airplanes or drones, these maps are based on the principle that healthy plants reflect less red visible light than unhealthy plants because healthy plants absorb more of it as they are engaged in higher rates of photosynthesis.

Afternoon Brief, February 17

More than 700 top wine trade and media guests from around the world are gathering in Napa Valley for a week of educational events and professional tastings organized by the Napa Valley Vintners (NVV) nonprofit trade association...

Crop Insurance: The deadline for insuring this year’s crop is approaching!

Writer: Jim Brumm Printable PDF Version “Would you pay a few hundred bucks an acre for a spray that would guarantee you seventy-five percent of your...

Solar Power Growing in Wine Industry

by Brian Wright It’s no surprise that wineries are pioneers in a green industry like solar as the success of the grape grower can be...

To Custom Crush or Not…Good Question!

The last few years have seen more growers in Northern California wrestle with canceled contracts, a decline in grape prices or the worst case...
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