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Behind the Scenes with a Successful Winery Video Team

In digital marketing, quality content is key to attracting, engaging, and retaining an audience, and video is one of the most powerful tools available. The high speed connections available on mobile devices today mean that videos can be watched anywhere at any time - and they are.

Five Video Tips for Wine Marketing

I live and work producing films and videos in the San Francisco Bay area, where tech and startups abound, but creativity doesn’t necessarily follow suit. A great deal of time is spent looking just like the competition on company websites and social media portals, so the new guy can appear to be on equal footing with the slightly older gal, and mind blowing company videos consist of a bunch of words jumping onto a white screen and/or hand drawn animation that isn’t.

Video Wine Marketing Hands-On Seminar at Sonoma State

Rohnert Park, CA- On November 20th Niki Scioli, Associate Producer at Zan Media, will lead a half-day seminar covering how video marketing can positively...

5 Things Every Video Marketer Should Know…Before Production Begins!

We recently celebrated the completion of our 175th wine industry related promotional video and had several people ask us what the "secret" is to...