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Grape and Bulk Market Activity Increases as Wineries Seek Ways to...

The Lightning Complex, or LMU fire, came earlier this year than Sonoma and Napa had experienced in recent years, so many of the vineyards had hanging fruit. A few whites had been harvested and early ripening Pinot Noir but those harvests were in the minority...

Afternoon Brief, August 4

California Winery Claims Storage Fees Hike Is Virus Price-Gouging: A winery told a California federal court Friday that the new company managing its storage facility has jacked its rates by more than 1,000% on $7 million worth of wine, violating the state of emergency declared to prevent price-gouging during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Wine Industry Daughters Celebrate Their Mothers

The wine industry has traditionally been a male-dominated industry that has followed a patriarchal line from generation to generation. But women have been working in wine throughout history.