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Wine Enthusiasts Have a Voice in Utah—The Time to Speak Up...

By Stephanie Cuadra Consumers wield power as arbiters of taste—but only to the extent that choice is deliberately exercised. In the reverse scenario, end users...

Deliberate Act Leaves Aglianico del Vulture Vineyard in Ruins

A week has passed since 2.5 acres of Aglianico del Vulture from Giovanna Paternoster’s Quarta Generazione estate in Barile (Basilicata)—amounting to 50% of her winery’s total organic grape production—were deliberately destroyed by apparently professional hands.

Redeeming Utah: A Model of Virtue in the New Era of...

More often than not, when the topic of Utah liquor laws arises—among those who drink in Utah, that is—a river of laments will follow. It’s only natural. Limited shelf selections at state wine stores, aesthetically bland retail experiences (so brick, so mortar!), the enduring peculiarities of the on-premise consumption of alcoholic beverages and, alas, the lowest blood alcohol limit for drivers in the nation (to take effect in December), all account for the bewilderment.