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Afternoon Brief, September 20

Large Wineries Are Rejecting Smoke Exposed Lake and Mendocino County Grapes: Large wineries, most notably Constellation Brands and Treasury Wine Estates, are now exercising the option to skip a vintage with many growers. They've been rejecting a significant share of the wine grapes they source from...

Afternoon Brief, September 19

Wine Maven Kurniawan, Convicted of Fraud, Loses Bid for Freedom The convicted Indonesian wine dealer Rudy Kurniawan on Monday failed to persuade a U.S. judge to set aside his 10-year prison term for counterfeiting an estimated $30 million of wine...

Afternoon Brief, December 13

UV Light Box Offers Hope for Vegan Wine Lovers, Says Winemaker: A Swiss company claims to be offering winemakers a new weapon against harsh tannins and underripe wines. Some winemakers also believe that the firm's namesake gadget, Vino Flux, could make it easier to produce vegan wines...

Afternoon Brief, November 14

Lawsuit over Paso Robles Vineyard Wells Reveals Growing Water Fight: A lawsuit in California's Paso Robles wine region could impact how vintners in an increasingly thirsty region get their water...

Afternoon Brief, May 24

Sea Change Coming to California Winegrape Landscape: If you asked typical American wine consumers where most winegrapes in the U.S. are grown, they would almost certainly say California, as the state produces about 90% of the nation's total...

Afternoon Brief, May 13

Irrigation Method Can ‘Trick’ White Grapes: Washington State University scientists believe they have discovered a sweet spot for irrigating white wine grapes...

Afternoon Brief, March 1

Napa Valley Vintners Partners with Christie’s to Feature Premiere Napa Valley Wines at Hong Kong Auction: The Napa Valley Vintners announced today it is partnering with renowned auction house Christie's to bring some of Napa Valley's rarest and most collectable wines to the Hong Kong market in November 2016...

Afternoon Brief, December 29

Wine Experts Raise Heat Over Fake Wine Claims: Wine authentication expert Maureen Downey, who was instrumental in bringing down counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan, has spoken out after the chairman of The Wine Institute of Las Vegas sued her for accusing him of selling fake wines, an accusation that he said cost him millions in lost sales...

Afternoon Brief, December 22

Meteorologist Predicts Variation on El Nino Pattern: A Wet Pacific Northwest Winter: An Eastern Washington University meteorologist says he has a different take on what El Nino will do this winter in the Northwest...

Afternoon Brief, December 11

Is the Napa Valley Vine Trail Compatible with Growing Grapes? Whether the Napa Valley Vine Trail and farming are a good mix is a new question facing the county Board of Supervisors...

Afternoon Brief, December 10

Rudy Kurniawan's Fake Wines Get the Death Penalty: It's been a busy two days in the saga of convicted wine counterfeiter Rudy Kurniawan...

Afternoon Brief, November 23

U.S. Marshals to Sell Thousands of Bottles of Wine from Rudy Kurniawan Case: The U.S. Marshals will auction approximately 4,711 bottles of wine, deemed authentic, that belonged to Rudy Kurniawan, the man convicted of fraud in federal court in 2013 for producing and selling millions of dollars of counterfeit wine...

Afternoon Brief, September 10

How Wine-Educated Is the U.S. Market?: The U.S. is the largest wine market in the world, and according to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), professional-level knowledge of wine has also reached an all-time high...

Afternoon Brief, July 14

How Millennials Are Changing The Wine Industry: While the precise dates governing the birth years for the biggest generation in history known as millennials vary, (somewhere between 1976 and 2004), there is no dispute that they love their wine

Afternoon Brief, August 28

Deadly Winemaking Snakes Escape in China: Chaos erupted when deadly cobras used to make wine escaped into the city of Foshan in Chinas South-Eastern Guangdong province...