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Parsec’s Aphromate Plus Automates Charmat Sparkling Wine Production

ATPGroup and their trusted partner Parsec move into the US sparkling wine production market. Introducing Aphromate Plus which offers an innovative and precise control system...

Wave Technology Offers Ground-Breaking Tool for Cap Management and Precision Vinification

Managing the cap in red wine fermentation requires a blend of science and art to yield the finished wine's desired style. The winemaker’s decisions about breaking up and integrating the solid mass in the fermentor are the keys to delivering the correct color, precise mouthfeel and specific degree finish desired for that wine.

PARSEC Advances Oenology with Innovative Systems that Optimize Winemaking Process and...

Italian based PARSEC, a leader in oenological technologies and micro-oxygenation, distributed exclusively in North America through ATPGroup, offers patented technologies that deliver centralized and...