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Explaining the Victor Book Club

A legendary wine tasting experience discusses the merits of “natural wine.” By Randy Caparosso   The Lodi-based Victor Book Club has been around for less than five...

Expert Editorial: Peeling Back the Layers on Natural Wine

For the consumer looking for an absolutely natural wine, it’s a roll of the dice for each bottle consumed. By Bertil Jean-Chronberg    Natural wine is widely...

Opinion: Natural Winemaking Is the Most Natural Thing

Hands off those vines, hands off those wines—what comes naturally should be respected —Randy Caparoso I love natural style wines. In fact, I'm partial to them,...

Afternoon Brief, January 6

Deadline to Submit Comments on US Trade Tariffs Approaches: The deadline to submit comments on the US government proposal to implement tariffs of up to 100% on European wine and whisk(e)y is set for the 13 January 2020...

Afternoon Brief, May 14

Laetitia Winery: Parent Issues El Campo Lawsuit Statement: A planned picket of Laetitia Winery has been called off, after the local winery's parent group apologized for the way it handled a lawsuit stopping work at El Campo Road and Highway 10...

Argentina’s Leading Name in Organically Grown Wines Releases Its First Natural...

New York, NY, Feb. 26, 2019 -- Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s largest exporter of wines made from organic grapes, confirms the release of its first-ever...

Afternoon Brief, February 21

Constellation Brands to Discontinue 40% of Wine & Spirits Portfolio: This week at the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference, Constellation Brands said that they expected to sell or discontinue up to 40% of their wine and spirits portfolio. Bill Newlands, president and COO, looked to reassure investors that the "best is yet to come."

Afternoon Brief, December 26

Beer, Spirits, & Wine - Packaged Imports Grow +8.3% by Value Over Last Twelve Months Through October 2018, Packaged Exports Decline -10.3%: Total beverage alcohol imports (including bulk and packaged) grew +7.7% by value over the last twelve months and grew +5.6% by value over the last three months...

Afternoon Brief, November 14

Are Napa Valley Growers Smart to Rely so Heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon? : A panel of grape growing pundits held court last week during the Napa Valley Grapegrowers Rootstock trade show on the wisdom of relying so heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon...

Afternoon Brief, July 27

Natural Wine Faces Legal Definition A right-wing French politician has filed a motion this month to launch an investigative committee that will seek to legally define the term "natural wine" in France...

Afternoon Brief, April 20

Wine industry should look for opportunity when roadblocks rise: Some of the solutions for today's challenges to California wine industry growth, whether it be regulation, climate or crop disease, can be found by looking at how the business has responded to impediments to progress over a long stretch of time...

Afternoon Brief, August 25

Scientists: Napa quake should be a ‘wake-up call’: The earthquake that struck Napa County early Sunday could have been much larger, scientists said, given the track record of the fault that most likely caused the shaking...

Afternoon Brief, August 18

U.S. women drink wine to relax, men look for high quality: Men and women are different when it comes to their wine habits. New research from Canadean finds that in the US, women drink wine in order to relax and unwind, seeking good value options, whereas men are more likely to be wine buffs, searching for high quality and new drink experiences...

Afternoon Brief, July 21

Three mistakes every small winery makes when dealing with retailers, and how to correct them for more sales into the channel: Wineries often forget that when they come off the pristine grounds of said winery to visit the market they are entering the lions den. Retailers are doing 1000 things at one time, and a winemaker visit or a winery visit does not stop the days activities...

Afternoon Brief, July 7

Northwest wine growing season tracks up to 50% ahead of recent average: Globally recognized climatologist Greg Jones shared data through June 30 indicating the 2014 Pacific Northwest wine growing season is running much as 50 percent ahead of the 40-year average