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Mergers and Acquisitions Aren’t Stopping. But Could They Slow Down?

With the raising of interest rates by the Federal Reserve, one may wonder if the recent flurry of M&A can continue. By Barbara Barielle   Daily news...

Wine Industry Analyst Weigh-in: JUSTIN’s Acquisition of Lewis Cellars

Wine Industry Advisor speaks to Rob McMillan, EVP of Silicon Valley Bank, about The Wonderful Company's newest Napa label. —Barbara Barrielle The Wonderful Company is involved...

What the Biden Administration’s Anti-Trust Directive Means for the Wholesale Tier

Experts believe the Executive Order may correct unfair trade practices; few predict any immediate or drastic results. Could the Biden Administration try to break up...

Delicato-Coppola Deal Receives Federal Approval

The Federal Trade Commission approved the acquisition of Francis Ford Coppola Winery by Delicato, making Delicato the first winery in over a decade to...

Acquisitions Impact on North Coast Grape Growers Hard to Predict Due...

Impacts from Fires Still Unknown but Believed to Be Minimal. Glenn Proctor has been in the business of predicting market trends for the wine industry for thirty plus years, and he’s seen his share of ups and downs.

Afternoon Brief, September 24

When Cigarettes Cost More, People Drink Less. Except for Wine: For those who count Don Draper among their TV loves (or love-to-hates), it comes as no surprise that drinking and smoking go hand in hand...