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Successfully Sell Wine No One Wants or Knows About

Wine Industry Advisor connected with regional heads, brands, and marketing masterminds who discuss how to revive a sagging reputation, or create one from whole...

Wineries Success in the Face of Mass Consolidations, Shutdowns

The number of wine products continues to increase, distributors continue to decrease. What now? —Kathleen Willcox In 2020, the global wine market was valued at around...

Afternoon Brief, October 22

The Wine Group Announces Acquisition of 7 Deadly Brand: The Wine Group announced today that it has purchased the 7 Deadly brand, the #1 Zinfandel brand in the U.S., from Michael David Winery. First released in 2002, 7 Deadlys lead SKU, 7 Deadly Zins, has been the #1 Zinfandel in America since 2015...

Afternoon Brief, September 21

A Clash Between Cotton and Cabernet? : The Texas High Plains has the potential to be a grape grower's paradise. This plateau near the New Mexico border is now home to nearly 5,000 acres planted to wine grapes...

Best Practices in Coming to America for Your Brand

Coming to America was a great Eddie Murphy movie from the 80’s. I remember McDavid’s, the premise of money cannot buy love, and all the...
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